Priorities of Highly Successful Chief Data Officers

Chief Data Officers (CDOs) who put their primary focus on meeting revenue-generation and data monetization goals were more successful than CDOs who focused primarily on enabling projects such as data governance. That’s among the findings of Gartner’s 7th annual survey of CDOs, conducted from September through November 2021 with 496 CDOs and other high-level data … Read more

Will Your Data Science Skills Take You Where You Want to Go?

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) The field of data science is exploding, and the variety of roles for up-and-coming data scientists has expanded right along with it. Known in the 1990s as data mining, the term actually dates to the early 1970s, when it was first introduced as an alternative to computer science. These days, the process of … Read more

5 Challenges AI and Analytics are Poised to Transform

The events and strain of the past two years have seen many socioeconomic challenges exacerbated. While the solutions are complex and daunting, AI and analytics can play a critical role in accelerating and delivering success. Leaders across government and industry have been empowered by trusted data to make rapid, cost-effective, and accurate decisions. For the … Read more

How AI and Data Can Help Retail’s Ongoing Pandemic Challenges

Hybrid shopping and scaling up data and analytics were among the top topics of interest as retail business executives returned to the Javits Center in New York City for the first time two years ago for the National Retail Federation’s big show. But despite a return to the personal space, the pandemic and the retail … Read more

Data Analytics Can Fix the Supply Chain. Eventually

Can data, analytics, and artificial intelligence save the supply chain? It’s a question corporate boards might ask their CEOs. After all, technology has come to the rescue to help many organizations face challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic such as remote work and online commerce. But problems with the supply chain remain a sore reminder … Read more

The Role of NLQ in Self-Service Business Intelligence

Have you ever walked into a ski shop and had only a vague idea about the technical aspects of this popular winter sport? “how can I help you?” The sales assistant will ask. Now this seems like an easy question to answer – but if you don’t have skateboarding experience, this can be a tricky … Read more

An Insider’s View of Humana’s AI Program

How do you bring AI into an organization that has been doing well without it for decades? That was the challenge Humana Slawek Kierner’s Head of Data and Analytics faced when he joined healthcare insurance company Fortune 42 in December 2018. Kerner, who served as director of data and analytics for Microsoft PowerBI, Dynamics, Cloud, … Read more

Explaining Data Fabrics to the CEOs: How and Why

A “fabric” is defined as “a fabric made from weaving, knitting, or felting of fibres,” according to Alternative definitions include: structure; The fabric of society. Building; stated.” “Fabric” is an amorphous term—to the extent that IT leaders can struggle to explain its importance to management as it did when another amorphous term—the cloud—emerged on … Read more

Enterprise Tech 2022: What’s Ahead for IT

Predicting the future has become more difficult in the past two years. The pandemic, the supply chain crisis, the economic impact of these events, and a world of political turmoil have turned the world upside down and made it difficult to predict the future based on recent history. Over the past couple of years, we’ve … Read more