Satisfying Meal or Junk Food?

Until recently, programmers alone possessed the power to write the code that directed various aspects of our professional and personal lives. What they created, the rest of us learned how to use so we can function in an digitalized world. But soon, software ate the world and the programming hierarchy had to come up with … Read more

The Restructuring CIO: Transforming How IT Works

I’ve previously discussed how CIOs are the new “rock stars” of companies by taking center stage in their organization’s strategic transformation. I expanded on this concept in a series of articles on the five “Rs,” from reskilling the workforce to reducing costs, building resiliency and reinventing how the business interacts with customers. The final “R” … Read more

The Benefits of Adopting a Low-Code/No-Code Development Platform

Not so long ago, when an enterprise required a new information system, it either had to hire a developer or acquire off-the-shelf software. Today, however, there’s another option: low-code/no-code applications. Low-code/no-code applications allow organizations to build custom systems without the need to either hire teams or outsource the work. Low-code/no-code development platforms represent yet another … Read more

Tips for Making Your Agile Framework More … Agile

How agile is your organization’s approach to enterprise agility? While that sentence may seem confusing, it’s not an attempt at word play. Being too focused on a singular agile framework — in essence, not being flexible enough in one’s agile practices — is a serious problem in the software development world, as well as many … Read more