Sync Computing Emerges from Stealth, Debuts Two New Platforms

Sync Computing, a distributed cloud infrastructure company with deep technology, is coming out of stealth mode, unveiling its initial products and funding of $6.1 million.

Sync Computing is using the new capital to consolidate its leadership in the modern data infrastructure space and support further development of its accelerated data infrastructure engine and solution lines.

Moore Strategy and National Network Partners led the round, joining current investor The Engine. Along with pilots active with both public and private enterprise clients in the SaaS, finance, and data sectors, the company was recently awarded a $1 million contract from the Department of Defense to improve large distributed workloads.

Resulting from the MIT Lincoln Laboratory by Jeff Chou and Suraj Bramhavar, Activate Fellows (Cohort 2020) With support from DARPA’s Office of Microsystems Technology, and veterans of the MIT Startup Exchange Accelerator, Sync Computing harnesses the computing power of physics to find the best way To mathematically provision cloud infrastructure for data, machine learning, and scientific workloads.

Sync technology enables organizations that manage thousands of data lines daily to automatically optimize low-level computing resources to make running the cloud easier, faster, and cheaper, according to the vendor.

“With the continued expansion of large-scale cloud computing use today, we’ve seen companies that only have a dozen engineers responsible for managing up to 10,000 data lines per day — it’s virtually impossible to improve cloud infrastructure at such large scales — so far,” said Co-Founder Zhou. and CEO of Sync Computing.” “We basically turned large-scale cloud infrastructure into a computational problem, and then solved it in seconds. We are also excited to do our part in reducing the wasteful use of cloud resources and their impact on the global carbon footprint. We are optimistic about what 2022 will bring to us, our customers and the cloud.”

As part of its public launch, Sync is launching two solutions — Sync Autotuner for Apache Spark, and Sync Orchestrator — a major step in orchestrating a large-scale multi-tenant cloud for complex data lines.

Sync Autotuner for Apache Spark eliminates the provisioning friction of EMR and Databricks on the AWS infrastructure, while dramatically reducing uptime and business costs.

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