Solve Supply Chain Challenges with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The pandemic has caused problems for supply chains around the world. From raw material shortages to labor shortages, persistent issues have caused Microsoft to use its resources to modernize both the supply chain and manufacturing industries. Business Central provides companies with the advanced technology, continuous improvement, and flexibility needed to help combat disruption in the supply chain through functionality and strategy. By implementing Business Central, companies can seamlessly connect their businesses, anticipate disruptions, and respond quickly to supply challenges.

Our team at WebSan Solutions Inc. A variety of applications specifically designed to enhance the supply chain management capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central. These applications range from advanced warehouse management capabilities to EDI connectors designed to help your business become more productive and efficient. Below are a few of these Dynamics 365 apps that specialize in optimizing your supply chain.

barcode scanner app for WMS

Designed to help your business become more productive, use the Barcode Scanner app for WMS to manage inventory of any size. The system is better optimized for industrial RF devices. Improve your inventory management, picking accuracy and warehouse efficiency

EasyPost Service Connector

This application allows you to send shipments with more than 100 carriers around the world within Dynamics 365 Business Central. EasyPost Connector for Dynamics 365 is a freight management solution that improves productivity, increases efficiency, and customer satisfaction

EDI 365

EDI365 is an easy-to-use EDI connector for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central that many companies use to efficiently implement their business operations. EDI 365 makes sending standard business documents simple and easy. We have experience working with business partners such as Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon and Home Depot.

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and integrating additional applications/modules, companies can solve these supply chain issues by adding automation, reducing costs and improving responsiveness. With these solutions in place, companies can achieve their goal of immediate and comprehensive visibility across the supply chain.

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