Software AG Joins IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center

Software AG has joined forces with IBM Z and the Cloud Modernization Center, a “digital front door” of tools, training, and ecosystem partners to help IBM Z customers accelerate the modernization of their applications, data, and operations in an open, hybrid cloud.

Software AG is part of IBM’s partner ecosystem to help IBM Z customers accelerate the in-place modernization of their applications, data, and operations in an open hybrid cloud.

According to the companies, the goal of the collaboration is to remove barriers to updating customers’ mainframes by using application programming interfaces (APIs) to connect mainframe applications to the cloud without changing any code.

APIs provide a non-invasive approach to modernization by creating real-time interactions between applications distributed across multiple on-premises and cloud environments. Mainframe, WebMethods, and CONNX integration solutions are designed to enable the API from Software AG to give organizations options to create reusable services from mainframe application code, screens, or data.

According to IBM Institute’s recent Business Value Survey, “Hybrid Cloud Platform Advantage,” the value derived from the hybrid multi-cloud platform technology and operating model at scale is 2.5 times the value derived from the single platform and single cloud vendor approach. In addition, a hybrid IBM cloud transformation that integrates IBM Z can extend up to 5 times the value of a public cloud-only approach.

“As digital transformation initiatives progress and mature, we believe the hybrid infrastructure model is the only viable option,” said Arnaud Thies, General Manager of Mainframe Solutions at Software AG. “Businesses need the flexibility of the cloud for certain applications and platforms, along with the stability and ownership of an on-premises mainframe. In a truly connected organization, data needs to be able to flow in any direction between applications, no matter where they are located. This is the only way to deliver Connected services to customers and making business processes more efficient. We will help IBM Z customers build a hybrid environment by using APIs around their core frameworks so that they can connect to the cloud in a non-invasive way and address the risks of disrupting their core applications.”

IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center provide customers with a comprehensive digital interface for scheduling vacations, contacting partners, joining workshops, and speaking to industry-experienced employees, and is designed to help customers realize and scale the value of their IBM Z environments. . Through the hub, customers will have access to a partner learning center, including resources from Software AG and details about API-enabled central computer integration solutions, web methods and CONNX.

“The pressure on organizations to accelerate transformation for speed and efficiency is greater than ever,” said Meredith Stoel, Vice President of IBM Z Ecosystem. Collaboration with ecosystem partners such as Software AG as part of IBM Z and the Cloud Modernization Center provides innovative capabilities and expertise to help joint customers design and implement their modernization strategies.

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