Softengine’s Fashion One Powered by SAP for Retail

Softengine One Fashion Powered by SAP Retail

The retail industry is competitive and constantly growing, with retail accounting for 18.7% of US GDP (1). Ensuring that your business operates as efficiently as possible in order to keep pace with the growth of the industry is essential to continued growth. Softengine recognized that there were needs specific to the retail industry, so they created an additional solution powered by SAP Business One tailored to meet those unique needs. Powered by SAP, Softengine Fashion One provides full business integration as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and comes with features that help make retail run more intelligent, stress-free, and incredibly efficient. distribution, manufacture and import of clothing; Fashion One covers it all.

The unique features of Fashion One that specifically serve the retail industry are:

  1. Quick Deployment Solutions: Those in the fashion industry understand that time is precious when it comes to deadlines, especially while trying to stay within budget. Softengine understands this and is equipped with the right expertise to ensure that best practices are used when the time comes to implement. With implementation experience in the retail industry, Softengine will use best practices to quickly reach and exceed all industry standards.
  2. Integrated E-Commerce Platform: Softengine Fashion One powered by SAP includes the SAP Business One ERP software that can be fully connected and integrated with any e-commerce platform. E-commerce sales are growing 15% every year (2) and having an e-commerce platform fully integrated with SAP Business One makes the most convenient and manageable way to reach more customers and keep up with the e-commerce boom.
  3. Mobility: Softengine Fashion One powered by SAP SAP Mobility features that allow placing orders from any device connected to the Internet. Additionally, it provides businesses with a great deal of visibility as users can view their inventory, sell from showroom or even retail locations and much more.
  4. Self-Service Customer Satisfaction: Which Is Better Than Great Customer Service and Satisfaction? With the advantage of customers being able to check their order information including order status and outstanding invoices, customers will never feel confused or confused about an order. The foundation of any successful business lies in great customer service and satisfaction, and providing accessible information is one way to contribute to these components.
  5. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): EDI takes all the painful manual transfer of documents out of the execution process. Using the EDI-Integrated Connector Import/Export module designed for SAP Business One, electronic documents such as purchase orders, invoices and order confirmations are exchanged directly to and from Fashion One. This feature is fully automated, relieving the stress of manual intervention. Save time and resources while leaving less room for human error.
  6. B2B and B2C Functionality: Softengine Fashion One powered by SAP gives you the ability to sell in a fully integrated e-commerce store using B2B and B2C channels. Taking advantage of the option of both types of business provides more opportunities for sales and a larger customer base. All orders placed on the e-commerce platform are automatically entered into the SAP Business One software that runs in the background.

Overall, Softengine Fashion One powered by SAP Business One provides users with amazing functionality and features that only Business One provides, but with specific extras that make it well suited for the retail industry. Keep up with the competition, manage e-commerce efficiently, and provide customers with an easy, fast and satisfying experience with the Fashion One app!

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