SnapLogic Supports Automating the Enterprise with Latest Round of Platform Upgrades

SnapLogic introduces a series of new innovations for its intelligent integration platform, enabling users across the enterprise to fully embrace self-service development, integration, and automation.

Latest improvements include API customer self-service, enabling organizations to build applications and microservices faster and manage the entire API ecosystem more efficiently with upcoming support for third-party APIs; The ability to build data products faster and speed up analytics projects with improved support for leading data warehousing tools; and adding features for SnapLogic Flows, the company’s self-service user interface for non-technical business users.

Taken together, these improvements cement SnapLogic’s position as a leading provider of platforms to help organizations with a hybrid or multiple cloud environment successfully implement enterprise-wide integration, automation, and self-service insights, according to the vendor.

“One of our core principles at SnapLogic is to make our platform accessible and easy to use by an entire organization, regardless of individual technical backgrounds. The ability to support self-service for all users and workflows is fundamental to the way we Enterprises will work with it in the future.” “The ability to easily design and consume APIs and create applications, microservices and data products faster, while providing broader and more efficient management of the entire environment will make organizations more agile and efficient. At the same time, by supporting increased collaboration between business and information technology, barriers to development are eliminated, resulting in greater productivity and faster results. “

SnapLogic’s innovative Flows interface is designed to give business users what they need to embrace self-service and build their own integrations and automation as needed to support their business goals.

To continue to provide the functionality needed to make this process easy and intuitive for all users, SnapLogic is adding new pipeline extensions and connections to popular sales and marketing endpoints such as Microsoft Dynamics for Sales, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft SharePoint.

With new connections to these sales and marketing endpoints, business users can create integrations within new systems, without the need for IT involvement.

Pipeline extensions enable better collaboration between business and IT users, helping business users take advantage of data and systems endpoints that are in IT or those not yet available in Flows, while giving IT an effective management tool as they maintain access to key systems and consent to certain applications for use by business users.

In January, SnapLogic added simplified web hooks to Flows that enable business users to act on events in real time without having to rely on specialists to write code. These simplified web tools help business users respond to market changes faster and provide superior customer service.

SnapLogic simplifies the ongoing creation and management of APIs with this release. As APIs continue to grow in importance within the enterprise, it is critical that teams have the tools they need to properly manage their development and deployment. At the same time, it is critical for corporate self-service insights that API access and development power are granted to business users.

To support these dual goals, SnapLogic has enhanced the API Developer Portal that now enables API consumers to create accounts, subscribe to APIs, and get notified when their request is approved or their key is renewed.

This allows IT teams to remove themselves from ongoing API user management, which can be tedious and time-consuming, while allowing them the necessary visibility to maintain oversight, governance, and security.

By February, SnapLogic’s intelligent integration platform will also offer management support for third-party APIs, allowing users to manage the management of any API, regardless of where it was created, through a single portal. This also enables consistent implementation of security and traffic control policies, regardless of the origin of the API.

SnapLogic now supports all the leading cloud data repositories, with new support for Google BigQuery, Google’s highly scalable serverless cloud data repository.

Additionally, Snap packages optimized for Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Snowflake have been added, continuing SnapLogic’s commitment to helping users unleash the power of their data quickly and easily, no matter where that data is located.

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