Selenium Standalone Server and Selenium Server [Differences]

Of the many test automation frameworks available in the market, Selenium is unarguably one of the best test automation frameworks for web automation testing. Selenium works with any programming language that lets you build tests, including Java, Python, C#, JavaScript, Ruby, etc. It can also be integrated with other automation testing frameworks like JUnit and TestNG for better test management and orchestration. However, to get the 100% out of the Selenium automation testing, knowledge and architecture of its components like Selenium Standalone Server and Selenium Server are very important.



This blog helps to understand the difference between Selenium Standalone Server and legacy Selenium Server in detail.

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Selenium Components

Selenium is a suite of tools with a distinct approach to support automation testing. It provides more than just a base for building an automated testing framework – Selenium is an open-source project with a large community,…


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