Quali Offers its Torque Platform on the Azure Marketplace, Simplifying Cloud Management

Quali, a provider of infrastructure automation solutions for environments as a service, is launching its Torque platform in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, improving the productivity of DevOps teams by providing a self-service platform that enables application developers to access full cloud environments.

Torque works by allowing DevOps practitioners to create a catalog of schemas defined and configured according to company best practices, leveraging existing infrastructure as scripts with data, services, and application requirements to provide a complete environment.

These schemas are then available to developers via self-service through their existing CLI and IDE tools. Torque also integrates seamlessly with existing DevOps tools such as CircleCI, Jenkins, GitHub, and many more to ensure a complete solution.

“We are proud to make Torque available to a broad base of Microsoft Azure users,” said Lior Coriatt, CEO of Quali. “We work together to help customers transform their businesses. We want companies to be able to scale with confidence and create robust application environments that take advantage of all the services that Azure offers, so they can accelerate development and get to market faster.”

The Quali EaaS approach looks beyond infrastructure automation; It combines all the components needed to support the workload, such as network, compute, storage, and software, as well as the data and connected services required to run an application at each stage of the development lifecycle.

Torque allows companies to track cloud costs to a business unit, use case, or application by automatically tagging each environment upon deployment.

It also allows companies to tag environments with custom tags, allowing users who have already defined a set of tags required for financial or operational tracking to manage these tags administratively, relieving DevOps engineers from having to write code or re-encode their files to conform to corporate standards.

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