Picking Process with the right methodology in your Warehouse

While optimizing a file selection process In the repository, it is important to familiarize yourself with two basic concepts. First, not every technique is appropriate for every situation. Second, effectively optimizing warehouse operations requires a combination of process optimization, required information, and technology.

When it comes to selection, the warehouse manager also needs to think about the picking methodology to adopt. While most operations are still based on the Pick-to-Order approach (one of the most inefficient methods of picking), there are methodologies that can be implemented to dramatically improve and increase warehouse efficiency.

The following are the most important methods of the picking process used in today’s repositories.

block picking

This process is more efficient, as it allows to collect multiple orders at the same time. In this method, the system provides a list of the most efficient ways to select several items at the same time. You can group individual item commands, and separate them into individual container sections to reduce/remove errors. Most cases require advanced warehouse management systems. MetaWMS As an advanced repository solution capable of supporting batch selection. In addition, it prioritizes item picking according to requirements to prioritize one set of commands over another.

Region selection

In this process, the SKUs are spread across multiple regions within the warehouse and are allocated to specific regions. Once the orders are received, they will move from one area to another via wagons, cages, pallets, conveyors, etc. Multiple picking lists are assigned to each region if the order contains more than one SKU, which greatly increases the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of the picking process. MetaWMS helps warehouses and distributors handle large numbers of SKUs and multiple orders.

wave picking

Throughout the day, orders are aggregated and picked up in batches at set intervals. Using a powerful inventory management system, wave picking It helps warehouse operations by improving efficiency by not only selecting the right items but also selecting them at the right time. The wave picking process begins with the inventory and warehouse management software. Also, this program will create a unified checklist based on any number of variables, including:

  • Transportation scheduling
  • warehouse staff
  • warehouse layout
  • Customer Delivery Guarantees
  • Customer delivery areas
  • download times
  • Equipment need to choose

In addition, wave picking can improve profitability and help you improve efficiency and accuracy warehouse operations.

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