8 Real Ways CIOs Can Drive Sustainability, Fight Climate Change

CIOs, chief data officers, and other IT leaders can play a key role in helping organizations build ESG programs. .

Business Development and Construction Management Systems Work Better Together

IPM Global is a construction management software development company that specializes in developing business software for Project related industries. Project management for your ERP we built Construction/Project Management Tool Within the framework of Microsoft PowerApps. But it integrates seamlessly with various back office ERP solutions. IPM construction management solution is a software tool designed for … Read more

The Roots of an Effective Martech Stack

byCameron Katozzi, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing Do you know the technology your team uses in their daily marketing activities and campaigns? You may lose important tools or reduce the use of existing tools and never even notice. Digital marketers must leverage their own marketing technology (martech) in order to increase their reach, manage data, … Read more

Seismic Shifts in Software Development Still Need Hardware

The software world once again stands on the brink of change with promises to exponentially accelerate application development and data usage as new resources appear on the horizon. In early December, Rod Cope, Perforce’s chief technology officer, gave a keynote speech at DeveloperWeek Global: Enterprise Conference on “The Future of Software Development.” Turn to the … Read more

Reduce Formula Losses with Batch Manufacturing Software

We recently wrote a post, Increase profits with batch manufacturing software, identify four ways software like VicinityChem can help you get the most out of your existing operations. An important step is to review and reduce inventory shrinkage. The next step is to increase profits by reducing formula losses. Fitting manufacturers depend on yield If … Read more

Why More Businesses Will be Creating Their Own Chips in 2022

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla, Ford, General Motors, and a growing number of other companies have moved away from the semiconductor companies and brought chip development in-house. Mark Bollinger, chief globalization officer at Smith, notes the independent global distributor of semiconductors and electronic components. Understandably, many do not want to find themselves in this situation again. … Read more

How an ERP Solution benefits Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges compared to other industries. As this industry is expanding rapidly in every aspect. The increasing diversity of the latest products, multiplicity of brands, formulation, product range, changes in drug laws and taxes on pharmaceutical products, patient consultation, services, consumer behavior, etc. mentioned above for Pharmaceutical industry. Meta pharma solution … Read more