Oracle Launches Cloud for Telcos

Oracle launched Oracle Cloud for Telcos, a suite of cloud solutions built on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The announcement was announced in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure blog post by Clay Magouyrk, Executive Vice President of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Engineering.

Oracle Cloud for Telcos is built on OCI, which is available worldwide in 36 public clouds, as well as in a distributed cloud. The OCI platform powers the Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, the Oracle Communications core network and B/OSS solutions, and more than 60 other industry application suites, as well as custom third-party applications and workloads, to enable carriers to build new applications or update existing workloads with more From 80 cloud services, including data management, developer services, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Maguirek said that Oracle Cloud for Telcos enables telecom providers to become more resilient, lowers capital expenditures and operating costs, and lays a resilient foundation for innovation.

According to Majerke, carriers can modernize their enterprise IT and OSS/BSS in the cloud, improving performance by more than 50% and reducing costs by up to 60%; Gain insights across all of your carrier’s IT, network, and edge data to drive efficiency and new revenue; Run their core and modern networks as cloud-native services, reducing capital expenditures and increasing agility; Run their new IT, network and services on a distributed cloud architecture, combining OCI’s hybrid cloud technologies with telecom customer access; And generate new net revenue streams by creating and/or delivering next generation applications.

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