On-Demand Webinar: Power BI – Financial Reporting with Business Intelligence

Did you miss the last Power B A webinar that was part of the TrinCon 2021 virtual event? Now you can Watch this popular session As you wish.

This session was chaired by Nicholas Jackson, TrinSoft Senior Advisor and Project Manager. Nicholas has over five years of experience in project management and software development. He has extensive experience in all things Power BI, Dynamics 365 Business Center, And incorrect.

This session gives you the tools you need to be a data champion and covers the following topics:

  • QuickStart Guide to Creating Financial Statements for Power BI
  • Improve decision making with financial reports generated with Power BI
  • Better analytics
  • Optimize your ERP data

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We also invite you to take a look at our website Become a data champion with Power BI Webinar series from earlier this year:

  • Part One: Processing Your Data
  • Part Two: Building the Report
  • Part Three: Publishing and Sharing the Report

Access our Power BI webinar series.

If you need help getting started with Power BI, please Contact our team. We are happy to assist. Also, stay tuned for our event calendar For more upcoming seminars.

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