Novu Raises $6.6 Million to Build Open Source Notification Infrastructure for Developers

New solution creates a state-of-the-art notification experience for customers that until now was reserved for offerings from only the largest tech companies

TEL AVIV, May 11, 2021 Novu, the leading open source solution for notification infrastructure for developers, today announced it has raised $6.6 million in seed funding led by Crane Venture Partners, Eniac, Entrée Capital, Ariel Maislos and a variety of individual angel investors. Novu’s open source infrastructure removes the time and complexity of building and maintaining these systems and delivers a state-of-the-art notification experience for users.

“Notifications are the primary channel of communication in most digital business offerings and can have a very positive – or negative – impact on customer engagement and retention,” said Krishna Visvanathan, co-founder and partner, Crane Venture Partners. “We’re innovative by Nofu’s use of open source to deliver a competitive solution to developers and engineering teams who can simply plug this into their existing systems without having to build from scratch.”

The complexity and domain expertise required for building product-to-consumer or user communication is increasing because of burgeoning channels, digests, languages ​​and user preferences, among other factors. In the time of proliferation among communication channels and more, the task of orchestrating product notifications has fallen on the engineering teams to solve. Novu provides the standards, tools and best practices to implement meaningful product communications while saving engineering teams time spent on building again and again. Developers can quickly set up robust infrastructure to enable product-to-consumer communication across email, SMS, notification centers, Slack and more while maintaining full visibility of their systems.

“As engineers, we’ve built notification systems from scratch at all of our previous companies. After speaking with other engineers, it was evident that there is no off-the-shelf solution available,” said Tomer Barnea, co-founder and CEO, Novu. “Novu is a turn-key, open source foundation for engineering teams who will be able to improve the notification experience for their users. All of this enables a consistent and easy channel for communications between enterprises and their users.”

Because Nofu is open source, it provides visibility and extendability for engineers to create their own custom workflows. Novu customers will benefit from the collective wisdom and collaboration among a worldwide open source community.

About Novu
Novu is the only open source notification infrastructure. It’s simple to use and can be embedded in any product platform. Its management dashboard allows developers to understand exactly what is happening and enhances communications between enterprises and their customers for a long-term relationship. For more information, please visit

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