Non-profit technology solutions from Microsoft

Non-profits must contend with the same restrictions on budgets, resources, and time just as any other industry. For non-profits, however, these obstacles interfere with their mission to help others, which can be devastating. Non-profit technology solutions can help, but frequently the expense or complexity make it impracticable. In response, Microsoft created its Technology for Social Impact (TSI) group, which is dedicated to assisting non-profits worldwide by helping them leverage technology. As a Microsoft Partner specializing in solutions for non-profits, HSO went to work developing a plan to support TSI’s endeavors to remove the barriers to technology often experienced by non-profits. We call it Advancing Your Mission.

Advancing Your Mission aligns with the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, which is created specifically for non-profit organizations and empowers them with a connected “a la carte” structure. The Advancing Your Mission approach also employs an on-demand arrangement, adding HSO’s core competencies to the Cloud for Nonprofit, enabling non-profits to handpick only the technology necessary to meet their requirements. This permits them to focus on their most crucial concerns first, adding new functionality as budget, circumstances, and priorities dictate and allow. By only paying for what they need, non-profits can more effectively control their budget. They can also give attention to just one area at a time and spread out expenditures by breaking up planning, implementing, and training into smaller chunks.

HSO breaks down non-profit technology solutions like this:

Case Management. Empowering a client-first focus with an all-around view of clients across every program and area of ​​a non-profit’s entire organization, connecting them with the right services, streamlining processes, and improving reporting on spending and outcomes.

Constituent Management. Maintaining comprehensive profiles of funders, volunteers, donors, and anyone associated with the non-profit, identifying and tracking issues, and improving communications to keep everyone connected.

Finance and Accounting. Reliable financial management with enhanced handling of funds, grants, and donations, goal tracking, and linking expenditures to results.

Fundraising and Engagement. Securing and financial support by attracting, maintaining, and deepening donor relationships, improving engagement, and increasing credibility.

Supply Chain Management. Moving supplies efficiencies by making cost-effective procurement decisions, managing fluctuating costs, and optimizing resources to stretch tight budgets.

Each solution area is powered by the Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit, Microsoft Dynamics 365and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Nonprofit Accelerator. And they are connected on a flexible platform that gives non-profits the freedom to determine what they need when they need it while providing a foundation to easily expand as needed.

BronxConnect advances its mission with strategically chosen non-profit technology solutions

HSO has been successfully working with TSI and several non-profits to advance their mission with the help of non-profit technology, one of which is BronxConnect.

BronxConnect is a community and faith-based program with the mission to curb violence using alternatives to detention and incarceration. They look to meet youth-initiated goals in education and employment and prevent recidivism by means of asset-based mentoring that brings court-involved and high-risk youths together with positive local community resources.

BronxConnect was brought to our attention through LifeWorks Austinanother HSO non-profit client, and nominated them for Microsoft’s Nonprofit Tech Acceleration (NTA) for Black and African American Communities program, which increases technology support for non-profits that assists people of color and provides a wide array of services as needed. For BronxConnect, we employed a Case Management solution to address their most critical need, in-house participant and program tracking.

Previously, after a client visit, the hand-written reports had to be transferred onto forms. This was eliminated by the case management solution which greatly increased efficiency. It also enabled the staff to enhance the effectiveness of their work by collecting the client information into one place. As a cloud solution, it allows for secure, remote access, which is important with sensitive information. This leads to greater involvement and better results as well as outreach.

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