News from AWS re:Invent – Docker Official Images on Amazon ECR Public

We are pleased to announce today that, in partnership with Amazon, Docker Official Images are now available on AWS ECR Public. This is particularly exciting because Docker Official Images are some of the most used images on the Docker Hub, serving as the main and reliable starting point for base images for the entire container ecosystem. Availability on ECR Public, as well as the Docker Hub, makes it easier for Amazon customers to use these images conveniently and securely, and gives developers the flexibility to download Docker Official Images of their choice for registration.

Images are available for browsing in the ECR public gallery at now. You can drag photos by simply switching from using docker pull ubuntu:16.04 to docker pull We automatically push images to ECR Public when they are updated on the Docker Hub so you get the latest versions from wherever you check out.

Note that while ECR Public withdrawals work from outside of AWS, they are priced limited if they are not authenticated with an Amazon account, and you generally must use Docker Hub addresses if you’re pulling from AWS outside. Please see the ECR Public Share documentation for more information on how the limits work with ECR Public.

If you are an AWS customer, pulling official Docker images from ECR Public offers several advantages. ECR Public is replicated across all AWS regions, so withdrawals are local to the region you’re pulling from. This helps ensure lower response time to requests and ensures that all of your resources are in the same failure area, which is the recommended architectural style.

In addition, Amazon today announced a pull-out cache from ECR Public to Your History that can be used even in a VPC that is connected to AWS PrivateLink and does not have an external network connection to the public Internet. This means that the isolated security infrastructure can still easily access the official secure Docker images it needs, without having to enable public Internet access.

Docker now also has an AWS Graviton Ready rating from Amazon, which reflects the amount of work that goes into making trusted Docker content and official Docker images work across the Arm64 architecture that Graviton uses. We know that many of you use Graviton in production, and many also use these same images on Apple Silicon laptops, or on your Raspberry Pi. We are happy to continue to support this growing ecosystem.

We will continue to work with Amazon to roll out more features to make it easier to work with Docker and AWS together, so please give us feedback in our public roadmap if there are things we can do to make your experience easier.

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