Microsoft Sales Offerings: Which is Right for Your Business?

If you have a growing sales process or hope to grow it, congratulations. Sales are at an all-time high and you are wise to make the most of the current market. It’s not easy to manage the sales process with emails and spreadsheets anymore. The landscape of the business world has changed, not least because of COVID restrictions. Many employees are working remotely and they are busier than ever.

Perhaps you are using a local sales solution that is ready to replace. You may need something more complex with automated processes that make the admin’s work easier for your sales team. Perhaps you are considering an ERP upgrade and realize that this would be an excellent time to add better sales tools.

Microsoft has a lot to offer sales organizations. In fact, there are so many great sales toolkits available, and it can be hard to know which one will be best for you. We can help with that.

Choose the best sales solution for your organization

Microsoft has always been concerned with the needs of sales organizations. Over the past several years, Microsoft has listened attentively to its customers. As a result, it has developed four separate sales solutions: Professional, Enterprise, Premium, and Relationship Insights.

So what are the differences? Which one should you consider for your business? Each offer suits different types of users, so let’s take a look at the details and see which one might be right for your organization.

professional sales

Sales Professional is an excellent solution for companies looking for essential selling ability tools. Sales Professional supports lead and opportunity management and comes with basic product workflows, price list, quotation, ordering, and invoices.

Sales Professional is the right module for you if you need minimal or no changes to your out-of-the-box software. Sales Professional is a really useful offering because it takes very little time to set up the project, but it will give your team the essential sales functionality. Small or start-up businesses who are new to sales software or have limited sales functionality requirements will appreciate the simplicity of this solution.

sales project

The sales organization provides essential sales capabilities to sales professionals. However, it has a more customizable environment and more advanced and stable sales tools, such as sales targets, forecast management, and complex product hierarchies. Sales Enterprise takes advantage of the latest and best sales tools from Microsoft.

Additionally, Sales Enterprise’s flexibility allows for custom tables, forms, and views, which are more limited in Sales Professional. Companies with a more established sales team will find it easier to adopt the sales project. It’s also a workable solution for companies considering continuous feature improvements. Microsoft is constantly releasing new features based on customer feedback.

sales premium

Sales Premium gives Microsoft customers valuable tools for other solutions, but also provides native artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Sales Premium builds on the features available in Sales Enterprise but goes further than that. Artificial intelligence turns your collected data into a more useful sales tool.

Using AI in forecasts, pipeline analysis, product analysis, and tools like a phone dialer, you’ll simplify data collection and maximize the power of your information. Organizations that have recognized the value of AI see it as a requirement rather than just a good option. Sales Premium provides all the capabilities of Enterprise with the addition of artificial intelligence designed to play an essential role in your overall sales strategy.

Relationship Insights

Relationship insights will add to your organization’s capabilities by giving you the enterprise sales functionality associated with LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Relationship Insights is a perfect fit for companies that grow through connections and relationships.

By connecting relationship insights with LinkedIn, you can improve lead generation. Additionally, gaining insight, for example, when a contact moves to another organization, is valuable in the sales strategies toolbox. Companies that focus on building relationships to support sales will benefit from this offer as it puts LinkedIn capabilities like InMail in the hands of your sales team.

ask the right questions; Find the right tool

As you can see, Microsoft offers several excellent sales tool options designed to meet the needs of different sales teams and different business types.

How do you decide what is best for you and your team? You might consider the following questions:

  1. Why does your business need a new solution to manage your sales environment?
  2. What features of the sales tool will be most valuable to you?
  3. Do you have a timeline for implementation?
  4. Do you have internal resources for a software project?
  5. Is your business in the discovery phase?
  6. What does your budget look like?
  7. Do you need to make a decision before renewing another year of license for your existing software?
  8. Do you have someone who could be a project manager?
  9. Do you have time to provide business operations education to a consultant?
  10. How long can your team commit to an executive project?

Determining the wants and requirements of your sales tool will determine your research. Be clear about the resources you want to invest – time, money, and staff.

Bring the answers to the above questions with you when you’re ready to request a product demo.

next step

You have a lot of options, but you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. A trusted Microsoft partner can help you find the solution that meets your unique requirements. So, the next step is to reach out to a partner who can offer you the software. Call Our Western Computer team for a guided discussion of your business needs as well as a tailored look at how one of these sales presentations might work for you and your business.

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