Meet Erik and Peter, The Experience Behind Pelorus Technology

With the “big guys”, you’re always seeing a new face as consultants come and go, or are assigned to other projects. At Pelorus, we pride ourselves on having an experienced, stable, and efficient team, personally involved in each project we take on.

Two of our leading partners have been on the ERP scene for decades, and their experience is put to its greatest use: the success – or rescue – of your software implementation. Let’s learn more about them.

Erik Cornet, Partner / President

While Erik has been working with ERP systems since 1990, over 20 years ago he found his niche by becoming a consultant. There are constant challenges and new puzzles to solve with every implementation, and that, along with his drive for constant improvement and innovation, has kept him focused all these years.

Erik’s desire to solve the problems facing real-world users of ERP has led to the development of new and forward-thinking software concepts, as well as assembling teams that think outside the box, uniting development and operations and daring to challenge the status quo.

If you spend any time at all with Erik, you’ll notice his most outstanding trait: sincerity. As he says, “Whether it is our company or a personal matter, it has to be sincere and authentic, not just because it’s a job, or money [is on the line.] We have to do things because there is value for everyone.”

See his sincerity for yourself in his comments:

“It’s about doing things a bit differently, for the better, in this industry. I’ve been involved in it for my entire career as a user, a consultant, then as a business owner. There’s been an accepted way to do things that I think – not to be mean – doesn’t do the best service to our clients. There’s a better way, and we’re finding it. We have different tools. We have a different methodology. We’re really striving to see things from the client’s perspective, what they want. If you don’t have that, then you’re lost – you don’t have that alignment with the customer. That’s why we’re doing this, to do it better, to do it differently.”

Peter Joeckel, Partner / SVP Sales & Marketing

Pelorus-Peter JoeckelAn over 30-year veteran of the ERP industry, Peter says “the only good thing is it’s not 40”. Having diverse experience, he has served in consultancy firms both large and small – and even founded a few of his own. Peter got his start early on, and by the age of 25, had his own business. While the software and technologies have changed and evolved over the years, the core of the industry remains the same. It’s the people and their methodologies that make a truly good firm stand out.

With a degree in Engineering, Peter’s perspective has been focused on improving productivity through innovation – something he finds lacking. That quest drove him into a special niche of rescuing challenged and failed implementations over the last 8 years.

What brought Peter back to the mainstream? Listen as he tells the story:

“So I have been in this industry for over 30 years. I have been in big, national partner organizations. I’ve owned regional firms; I’ve owned small firms. Over the last 8 years or so, I’ve been off the big-partner radar. My problem with that entire big-partner scenario is that everything is done the same way. We have the same types of implementations, the same sales methodologies. The problem is that projects keep becoming more difficult to implement; There are more and more challenges and failed projects.

“The only reason I got back into the big-partner ecosystem is that I have two partners that are willing to explore opportunities to do things faster, better, and cheaper – things that nobody else is trying to do. And that’s what’s getting me out of bed in the morning and has me excited. It’s the partners and their willingness to work in a different format, trying to make things better, trying to make things faster, trying to make things cheaper – very simple.”

Our Secret Sauce

  • It’s the drive and the passion of our partners that set us apart from the rest. Hard work, innovation, challenging the norm, and a customer-centric attitude – committed to the success of your implementation.
  • Contact us now to start a conversation about your needs, and see the refreshing difference.

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