Matillion Debuts Enhanced Data Loader Release

Matillion, a provider of enterprise cloud data integration platform, has announced a preview of Matillion Data Loader 2.0, a data loader that provides codeless connector creation, a single unified experience across aggregated data capture and change pipelines, and a hybrid SaaS architecture that gives organizations control over pipeline creation. High security data pipes.

An improved suite of no-token ingest functionality and Stream Change Data Capture (CDC) is announced in AWS re: Invent 2021.

According to Matillion, data teams waste more than half of their time (57%) on data migration and maintenance tasks instead of delivering more strategic and advanced analytics projects. This trend is only increasing as the number of data sources increases – the top 20% of companies use more than 1,000 data sources to enhance business intelligence, automation, and advanced analytics software.

With the latest release of Matillion Data Loader, data teams now have access to an enterprise-wide, code-free interface to create and maintain their data lines. It also includes Matillion’s Codeless Connector Builder, allowing data teams to quickly create new connectors for cloud data sources in minutes. This raises the burden of coding and maintaining data pipelines so enterprise teams can focus on the tasks that have the highest value for their organization, as well as automate and speed up their high-value analytics projects.

“Enterprise teams struggle too much to create data lines that align with the privacy and security needs of modern analytics software. Legacy tools they relied on in the past are failing to keep pace with new cloud models, while early cloud-native participants have been neglecting their early adopters,” said Matillion CEO Matthew Scullion. Complex needs of enterprises.” “Our latest release improves Matillion Data Loader with features that finally deliver on a promise to unleash the true potential of data at scale – and enable data teams to dedicate time and resources to more strategic efforts.”

Matillion Data Loader 2.0 will be generally available in the first half of 2022.
Access to the new user experience is now available in public preview at, and access to a private preview of the broadcast change data capture capability is available at

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