Manage Your Startup Deal-Flow as an Investor or Accelerator

Are you running startup deals in disjointed spreadsheets or CRM platforms? Do you spend most of your time pulling data from emails and spreadsheets? Learn how to easily manage deal flow, track startup apps, and track thousands of deals in one place with Stackby. Check out the investor deal flow management tools in this post.

What is deal flow management?

Money is critical to every business which is why business owners consult investors and financing institutions. The quantity and quality of potential investments available to an investor, company or financing institution is known as deal flow.

Deal flow often indicates business health. Oftentimes, investment business owners think that the more deals flow, the more fun it is but this is often not the case. Getting a lot of deals for the sake of numbers’ sake might not help a business grow. But getting the right deal will do the trick.

This is why commercial investors need to manage the flow of deals. Deal flow management software or tool is designed to help companies manage deal flow more effectively. Ensures that you do not miss out on any profitable opportunity that can change your business forever.

Stackby ensures full management of the venture capital transaction flow through automation. With the deal flow management model, companies can speed up deals and manage every aspect of the deal cycle in one place. Here’s how:

  • Transaction pipeline automation: With Stackby’s deal flow tracker, investors can stay organized and informed about all potential deals.
  • Organize everything in one place: One can organize all the documents related to a transaction and easily communicate with his team or clients in one place. There is no need to send frequent emails of deal cases, as everything can be coordinated in one place.
  • Collaborate with the team to get things moving: Another aspect of deal flow management software is that investors can empower your team to plan for success from the start of the deal. Track the progress of each deal, create high-quality reports and view the big picture instead of just guessing what to do next.

Investor transaction flow management

5 Quick Steps to Managing Startup Deal Flow

Did you know that there is a scope for automation at every stage of the deal flow? In general, there is little consensus on data standardization. There may be a chance that the way an investor looks at the data and the way the business owner looks at the data is different.

Everyone, be it an investor or a business owner, wants more ideas. But not every business owner shares every detail with investors. Therefore, investors need a deal flow tracker system or tool to ensure successful decision making. Here are 5 quick steps that will make managing your startup deal flow easier for investors and accelerators.

1. Create a startup presentation template

Models are the most important component of investor transaction flow management. You can easily convert each column in the table into a form question using the easy drag and drop feature. You can add your business logo and model description to make the model more attractive.

A sample startup plan can include the basic details you need about an organization or business such as product description, country, raise amount, website, etc. You can share a startup presentation template via a URL or even embed the template on your blog or website.

Create Startup Planned Forms in Stackby

How to create custom forms in Stackby

2. Bring responses straight to your tables directly and get notified

How about sharing form responses? Well, you don’t have to worry about that. When someone submits a sales presentation form, its data is automatically populated in the table below the respective columns. This way you don’t have to worry about submitting the form data.

Bring responses directly to your tables

Not only that, but you can also receive notifications when someone sends you a sales presentation form. This way you will never miss any flow of potential deals. There are different ways to do this:

  • Email notifications: Simply go to form settings and enable email notifications and you will receive an email when someone submits a form.
  • Slack notifications: Investors and accelerators can integrate Stack deal flow with Slack and receive model response updates every time a new response is submitted. To learn how to integrate Slack with Stackby, watch this video!
  • MS Teams notifications: Just like Slack, you can receive form response updates every time a new response is submitted in MS Teams. Here is a video explaining how to configure the settings.

Slack notification settings

3. Collaborate with your team to track progress and pipeline

Stackby allows you to work with your team in real time and from anywhere you want. You can add collaborators to the Stack where each collaborator can comment on individual rows. You can mention your teammates while chatting using “@” which makes it easier for you to communicate with a team member.

Not only that, you can add reminders to your classes that you may receive in Slack or Microsoft Teams. This way you will not miss any notifications on your Stack. We also provide revision history which records all recent activity on Stack to ensure no data is lost forever. No matter if your team is working remotely or in the same office building, collaboration is never an issue.

Collaboration in Stackby

4. Share read-only views with your limited partners

There may be times when investors or venture capitalists do not want to share full editorial rights with their team or clients. Stackby understands your concerns, thus we provide read-only views. Now, you can invite your team members to view Stack only without giving them any permission to comment or make configuration or data changes.

You can also protect your Stack view with a password, ensuring that only authorized individuals can work on it. Then, if anyone wants to access your Stack it will ask for your randomly generated URL and password. This feature is preferably suitable for deal flow management process where investors need to store sensitive data about their clients and do not want to mix it in any way.

5. Automate your communications via Gmail or Outlook

Want to email your team via Gmail or Outlook every time a new row is created in your Stack deal flow? Do you want to add a new row to the Stack whenever a new email appears in the specified mailbox? Stackby allows you to automate your communications by sending information between Gmail or Outlook and Stackby.

To use this automation, you need a tool called Zapier that acts as a bridge between Stackby and Gmail/Outlook. Now, you can skip the hassle of manually submitting any information to the team and stay on top of the deal flow management process.

Gmail integration with Stackby using Zapier

6. Advanced: Enrich Startup Data with MatterMark API

The investor needs a comprehensive analysis about the various aspects of the company to ensure that their investment will bring maximum profits. This is why many venture capitalists, angel investors, and private equity investors recommend MatterMark. Easily integrate MatterMark with Stackby and monitor the fastest growing companies to make informed decisions about your investments.

Our startup deal flow tracking template includes a MatterMark API so you can import data provided by Mattermark directly instead of entering it manually. You can automate the whole process of data fetching and automatic tracking:

  • The total financing received by the company,
  • MatterMark score for each company,
  • Revenue range of the company,
  • The number of employees in a company and more!

Other Templates for Your VC/Accelerator Process

Stackby offers an easy-to-use, token-less, customizable and automated venture capital transaction flow management system for investors and accelerators. Download the Deal Flow Wizard template today and start managing your data efficiently. If you haven’t signed up for Stackby yet, do so today. Getting started with Stackby is completely free!

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