Licensing Options for Microsoft Dynamics 365BC

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC) is a business management solution for small and medium-sized organizations. It automates and simplifies business processes to help you run your business efficiently. Dynamics 365BC enables organizations to manage business processes, including finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, project management, services, and more. The solution is highly adaptable, so you can easily add functionality to customize it even for highly specialized industries.

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Dynamics 365 simplifies licensing of business applications. The primary licensing method is via a named user subscription. Dynamics 365 user subscriptions classify users into two types: full users and light users.

Full user licenses

Full user licenses are for those who need the full functionality of feature-rich business applications in Microsoft Dynamics 365BC. Full users may include sales representatives, customer service representatives, financial staff, controllers, and supply chain managers. In the past, these were referred to as power users or power users. These full users are licensed with a Dynamics 365 Business Central subscription.

Light Users

Light users are other users in your organization who do not need full functionality and access to your Dynamics 365BC solution. These light users may need read-only access to reports or business data. They can perform basic tasks such as entering time and expenses or updating HR records. There may be more users of the system who may not necessarily require full user access. These additional users are licensed as members of the Dynamics 365BC team.

Team members

A Dynamics 365BC team member subscription is a named user subscription. It is intended for users who are not tied to a specific job but need some ongoing access to Dynamics 365. Team member subscription is a limited user option that includes read access and some write access for specific tasks.

To get full read access to Dynamics 365BC Essential and Dynamics 365 BC Premium for a specific tenant, you will need a Dynamics 365 Business Central (SL) team member subscription license. Also, the license for Dynamics 365 Business Central team members includes some limited use of write access to Dynamics 365BC Essential and Dynamics 365 BC Premium.

A Dynamics 365BC team member’s subscription also includes a “PowerApps for Dynamics 365 Applications” license. Dynamics 365BC team member users can use PowerApps to access Dynamics 365 within the limits of the team member’s license.

A Dynamics 365BC team member subscription requires at least one other user to have a Dynamics 365BC Essential or Dynamics 365BC Premium license.

The Central Staff Member License allows users to:

  • Read all in Dynamics 365BC
  • Update the data and entries in Dynamics 365BC. Existing data refers to information such as customer or vendor records or already existing items. Some specific edits are allowed on secured documents, for example, updating due dates on customer ledger entries.
  • Accept or reject tasks in specifically assigned workflows
  • Create, edit and delete quotes
  • Create, modify and delete personal information
  • Enter job schedules
  • Use PowerApps for Dynamics 365

A team member license gives users unrestricted access to Dynamics 365BC functionality. Dynamics 365BC users can use PowerApps to access Dynamics 365 within the limits of their roles and permissions.

Clients who wish to grant access to external accountants can obtain one license per tenant at no additional cost. External accountant licenses grant the same user rights as Dynamics 365BC licenses except for access to user setup, administrator tasks, and other Dynamics 365BC applications.

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