Invoice Automation for Microsoft Dynamics GP

Mekorma Enterprises has launched an invoice automation solution for teams that process Accounts Payable with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Mekorma Invoice Capture uses artificial intelligence to read, extract, and transfer invoice data into the ERP system. This frees AP staff from the labor of manually typing invoice details, while still offering oversight through an integrated validation process.

Invoice Capture can be used with Mekorma Payment Hub for a Modern, end-to-end AP automation solution.

Invoice Processing: The AP Goldilocks Principle

When Accounts Payable teams set out to automate invoice processing, any number of document management systems on the market may be appropriate. However, these third-party systems often have more complex functionality than some organizations need. Buyers are forced to purchase software that offers too much, or be stuck with too little automation and a lot of manual work.

Invoice Capture has a very focused job: “Our customers report that their vendors send invoices by email more than ever. Our goal was to have these invoices show up in Dynamics GP, with all the supporting documents attached, and create payables transactions with a touch of the button,” says Ora Goldman, CEO. If a document management system is a larger system than you need, Invoice Capture may be just the right fit.

Built on the Microsoft Power PlatformInvoice Capture leverages Power Automate and Microsoft AI Builder to extract invoice data from an email queue. The information is then pushed into Dynamics GP for further processing. Unlike many invoice tools on the market, Mekorma’s solution can process invoices sent as attachments or Within the body of an email, saving AP teams hours of invoice keying.

Optimize the Full AP Cycle: Invoice Through Payments

Mekorma AP payment solutions are well-known for seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP – often users don’t realize they are using a third-party product. Invoice Capture is no different. Once the data is in the ERP system, AP staff can validate the AI-extracted invoices in a specialized window and process with Dynamics GP workflow. Invoices can then go on to be paid with Mekorma AP payment software.

Invoice Capture is Mekorma’s second commercial solution built on the Microsoft Power Platform, following the PowerApprovals application for mobile payment approvals. By providing integrated cloud-based Power Platform solutionsMekorma ensures Dynamics GP users can continue to use the ERP for years to come with the advantage of a more modern user experience.

To learn more about how Invoice Capture works and the benefits for Accounts Payable teams in Microsoft Dynamics GP, continue here…

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