Infrastructure as Code (IaC): Why Collaboration Is Key

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) is a core practice in DevOps that allows developers and operations teams to manage and provision infrastructure automatically through code, rather than making configuration changes through a manual process. IaC provides transformational flexibility and can significantly speed up delivery, reduce costs, and help mitigate risk.

However, when people talk about IaC, they sometimes forget to mention its main component: cooperation. The whole purpose of IaC is to enable infrastructure and software development teams to collaborate.

“(IaC) is about making operations more like a developer,” said Rob Hirschfield, co-founder and CEO of RackN. A software automation company that specializes in making IaC collaborative for teams, tools, and technology.

Rob will join Predict 2022 Lineup of speakers to talk about infrastructure such as Code and DevOps. During his session, “Adding the Missing Element in IaC: Collaboration,” Rob will discuss how to help operations teams become a more collaborative and cohesive part of the business, and how IaC helps create and reuse automation within the system.

Rob will take a look at the future of IaC, what’s in store for infrastructure and operations teams in 2022 and share his own predictions.

During a quick interview with Jackie Wetzel, Rob gave us a sneak peek into his session and shared one of his predictions for 2022.

“People are getting increasingly concerned about complexity but they can’t define it, and that’s what makes it so cloudy,” Rob said. “The first thing we really need to start doing is figuring out how to talk about complexity and how to manage and tame it. And I’m going to give you a peek. Come to my presentation, we’re going to talk about using collaboration, teamwork, and pipeline as ways to tame that complexity.”

Predict 2022Taking place January 19-20, this is a free virtual event featuring educational presentations that explore the looming trends, technologies and topics that could have the biggest impact on technology this new year. Internationally recognized industry leaders, such as Rob, will share their predictions about what the future holds in the areas of DevOps, cybersecurity, digital transformation, cloud-native, and IT.

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