Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction with ERP

Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction with ERP

There are a multitude of benefits and business improvements that can be made by implementing an ERP. One important and often overlooked benefit is increased rates of customer satisfaction due to the higher level of customer service a business can provide with an ERP in use. Higher levels of customer satisfaction lead to customer retention and loyalty, which is highly desirable especially in competitive markets. In today’s blog, Softengine Blog Spot is all about how an ERP, like SAP Business One, provides greater levels of customer service and satisfaction! Keep reading to learn how to boost these two crucial business aspects with the help of ERP!

  1. Speedy Deliveries: One of the main factors in achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction is providing fast delivery times. In today’s world where many consumers are shifting to online purchasing, delivery speed and communication are more important than ever before. An ERP can help speed up the delivery process on the supplier end by streamlining the order once it is placed. Stock levels, customer information, and supply chain visibility all factor into the swift streamlined delivery process. By reviewing this information through an ERP, the delivery date will be ensured that the order will reach the customer in a timely manner (1).

  1. Blanket and Regular Orders Management: Loyal customers may decide to set up blanket orders where they wish to set up pre-determined delivery dates for their items. For example, this means that in a given year, the customer needs their items shipped once a month. An ERP manages these dates within the system while providing all of the details for managing the blanket orders, such as the payment terms, shipping method, and all required customer information to make the process simple. ERPs also manage regular orders with the same amount of ease while processing the information and order requests efficacy (2).

  1. Greater Inventory Visibility: SAP Business One, the leading ERP for SMB’s, provides complete visibility of inventory stock levels. Having access to stock levels within multiple warehouses and knowing the amount of committed inventory, in-stock inventory, and ordered inventory is a fantastic way to ensure the fulfillment of customer orders. Inventory visibility helps improve customer service by providing the ability to communicate to customers when more inventory will become available without having to guess and potentially give an inaccurate date.

  1. SAP Business One CRM: SAP Business One comes with a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management module comprised of features to help further customer service and satisfaction efforts. One of the main features of the CRM module is the simplified customer service management. With ease, SAP Business One allows for management of customer service calls, customer warranties, and service contracts. By documenting these activities in the CRM, it makes the process of managing past calls and service requests from customer much easier and effective. Business One customer service agents also have the ability to review and track service requests sent in and search through the B1 Knowledge Base to ensure a prompt and insightful solution can be achieved for the customer (3).

  1. Easy Access to Past Customer Information: Instead of maintaining files that require manual updates when customers place past orders and then having to search for the order history, ERP’s automatically save past customer orders within the system. Customer information, order history, payment terms, and preferred shipping locations are extremely simple and quick to locate. This makes the process of repeat orders more effective and less time-consuming than manually searching for a file and re-entering the order when prompted. This quick and easy access to customer information is helpful to ensure an order can be assembled and shipped out to the customer as soon as possible, resulting in increased satisfaction and loyalty (2).

In conclusion, boosting customer service efforts and customer satisfaction are essential in earning referrals, repeat customers, and gaining competitive advantage in the market. ERPs are powerful business tools that offer incredible benefits to take business to another level of success while promoting growth. SAP Business One is an ERP designed specifically for the Small to Medium Sized Business market. Filled with modules that are fully integrated, updated in real-time, and customizable, SAP Business One is a great addition to help simplify and streamline business processes. For more information on how SAP Business One can help improve your business and meet your specific business needs, check out our Softengine SAP B1 Overview on our website:

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