Idera, Inc. Acquires Yellowfin International Pty Ltd

Idera, Inc. , the parent company of global B2B software production brands, has acquired Yellowfin International Pty Ltd, which provides the next generation of embedded data analytics and business intelligence platform for augmented business users and developers. Yellowfin will join Idera’s developer tools business, which includes apilayer, Embarcadero, Filestack, Froala, FusionCharts, LANSA, Sencha, UltraEdit and Whole Tomato.

Yellowfin has analytics ready and a business intelligence solution that simplifies your entire analytics workflow. It allows customers to integrate the Yellowfin product into proprietary and data collection applications without compromising the end user experience, unleashing instant ROI. Yellowfin’s flexibility and wide range of capabilities make it ideal for both embedded business intelligence and operational reporting use cases. Yellowfin combines action-based dashboards and automated data discovery into a single platform to reduce the complexity of contextual analytics within a customer application.

Yellowfin recently introduced new features such as NLQ (Natural Language Queries) and Stories. Combined with existing scalability and reliability, these new features extend Yellowfin’s leadership in the analytics and business intelligence market, earning the company a visual ranking in Gartner’s 2021 Magic Quadrant.

“Yellowfin delivers a critical component of application development aligned with Idera’s pillars of product excellence: ease of use, quality, and scalability,” said Atanas Popov, General Manager, Idera Developer Tools Business. “It expands our portfolio into a new growth area with massive cross-selling potential within our existing ecosystem of clients, partners and independent software vendors. We are excited to welcome an incredibly talented team that will enable us to remain focused on delivering value to clients.”

“We believe Idera provides an excellent home for Yellowfin products that significantly expand our range and geographic reach,” added Glenn Rabie, Founder and CEO of Yellowfin. “We offer one of the best products in a very competitive space, which makes me and my colleagues very proud. We are constantly innovating and our customers receive great value. I am confident this will continue with Idera.” Yellowfin’s customer base spans 50 countries, thousands of companies, and more than three Millions of end users. Yellowfin expands Idera’s product portfolio and complements existing Idera brands in both the developer tools and data tools segments.

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