How to Reduce Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Costs

We often hear a question from prospective Microsoft Dynamic GP customers: how much will Dynamics GP support cost?”

It’s a legitimate question. We’ve all heard stories of organizations paying for an ERP implementation project and then continuing to spend a lot for support. Naturally, clients want to know what to expect.

At DexPro Dynamics, our Dynamics GP clients typically don’t need costly support. With our proactive approach, we use best practices for installations and upgrades, and then we train staff to the point where support is rarely needed.

After working with other partners, we’ve had clients come to us and tell us they are used to writing a dozen or more support tickets every week. We always say, ‘That’s reactive, not proactive. Let’s find a better way. Let’s figure out why you need so much support.’

Support cases should be the exception, not the rule

If clients are calling in many support cases, that’s a symptom of a system with an underlying problem. A doctor who treats only symptoms will have his patients coming back often. They must get to the root of the problem if they hope to affect a cure.

At Dexpro Dynamics, we are like holistic doctors. We’re not interested in endlessly addressing symptoms. We want to find the root cause of the problems, so our clients will need only minimal support.

We make a point to ensure that our clients are familiar with all the tools they already own, such as any Professional Library tools or modules they may not have been introduced to. Often these tools will be just what they need to find their own solutions.

We look at the SQL server setup and ensure that even the smallest details are correct. Our experience confirms that doing things right in the first place eliminates the need for extensive support later.

The value of training

Another critical ingredient is training. When your teams are adequately trained in using the various components of your system, there will be far less reason to issue support calls. If our clients need training, we can provide an expert or direct them to online Dynamics GP training classes.

Eliminating inefficient processes

Sometimes employees request support because they are fed up with inconvenient processes and cumbersome workarounds. Rather than opening never-ending support tickets, we take a hard look at the process flow and figure out where it is bogging down. We’ll analyze your system, find out where the glitches are, and clear them up once and for all. Maybe all you need is a specific module or a changed setup.

Yes, we are interested in all your support tickets because we see them as a useful tool in diagnosing any inefficiencies in your system. The problem is rarely a software issue. Rather, it’s often a process issue, and improving the process will fix the issue.

We give this kind of attention to all our clients, no matter the size of their organization. Small business owners appreciate being treated just like the big players.

Making symptoms disappear

If an individual repeatedly consults a physician and is still sick, that’s sad. They’ve wasted so much time, money, and hope. They need a doctor who asks the right questions, makes the correct diagnosis, and prescribes the right actions. Then the symptoms will disappear, and they can get on with their life.

The analogy holds true for software symptoms and Microsoft Dynamics GP support.

When your Dynamics GP system is set up and maintained properly, you don’t need to budget for expensive support costs.

We are here to help

Do you have a Dynamics GP question or a support issue no one has been able to resolve? We’ll get to the root of the problem so you can get on with business. Contact our experts at DexPro Dynamics and ask about our free 30-minute Dynamics GP consulting services consultation.

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