How To Inspect Elements On Android Devices?

Developing a web application that works perfectly on all devices is a challenging and interesting task. For example, there can be certain instances when “color” is applied to text, but the screen still shows black text. This error can be due to poor typing or incorrect syntax. There are also some dynamic errors, such as when using an asynchronous call via the API, and the element does not display any value on the screen. Using the scan item feature can help quickly debug any user interface glitches on a specific device website. Since Android is very popular among the masses, it becomes important to know how to scan items on Android devices before publishing them directly to users.


If you’ve used a desktop browser, you should be familiar with “check” or “item check”. After that, all you have to do is right-click on the browser and select Inspect. However, this process becomes more difficult when we don’t know what our website looks like on smaller screens…


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