How Real Companies are Using Dynamics 365

On-site ERP systems cannot keep pace with changing business practices and emerging technology. Despite the tight security and control measures that make these systems convenient for many systems, the in-house systems are rugged, expensive, and require significant maintenance by your IT teams.

In today’s business world, the ability to collaborate in real time on data is essential. Everyone, regardless of their technical skill or department, should be able to access and collaborate on data. That’s why so many are turning to the cloud. The scalability, flexibility, and agility of cloud-based ERP systems make it easy to keep pace with innovation and changing business goals.

As the only ERP and CRM system available on the cloud, Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings the tools and capabilities found within these systems into a single platform. These unified features are transformed into applications that work seamlessly across your entire organization – from sales and marketing to finance and operations.

Below, we’ll review how seven companies have used the digital tools in Dynamics 365 to enable decision-making, increase productivity, and simplify operations.

Company A increases customer satisfaction by mass software update

One mid-size manufacturer was using a 15-year-old collegiate software system as a collaboration tool. However, the system was rigid and inflexible, and not surprisingly obsolete; In addition, communication with their international partners was almost impossible. Executives realized that it was time for much-needed change. One of them stated: “We needed new team programs that allowed us to operate regardless of time and place and to communicate effectively with our partners and customers not only within the company but around the world.”

Business leaders were particularly looking for a system that would enable them to create and collaborate on documents with more than 500 users in both corporate headquarters and their international offices.

Not only did Dynamics 365 fulfill this need, Company A was also able to create mobile offices. Ultimately, the company experienced higher levels of productivity and communication, lower costs, and increased business growth.

Solve customer complaints about the popular email system

A small-scale clothing company has been struggling with a slew of user complaints about its email service. The system experienced a number of disruptions that led to interruptions in production, deliveries, and customer service. In addition, accessing the system from overseas locations, such as Hong Kong and the United States, was virtually impossible.

To solve these issues, Company B switched to Dynamics 365. With the solution’s email system, users across teams enjoyed the same high-quality service. The company was also able to reduce the workload of corporate members and customer service teams by expanding their email capacity from 200MB to 50GB.

Bahri enjoys smooth cooperation

When a Bahri manufacturer’s clustering system suffers from multiple text breaks when Send messages For overseas buyers, turn to Office 365. With the solution application, users can share Excel documents with materials management, sales, workforce, and collaboration teams in real time.

Essentially, this enabled Company C to provide users with real-time views of incoming and outgoing materials as well as production schedules. Their overseas offices have also been integrated into this new system, allowing foreign users to enjoy the same benefits.

“We’ve created a partition-specific folder within Office 365,” a representative said. “Here, we publish documents such as business records, sales status, customer status and progress rate. Executives refer to this [folder] and make important decisions.

Company D sees a 200% increase in productivity

A personal safety product manufacturer needed a solution that could provide real-time insight into overall work performance and status. Furthermore, they were looking for a solution that could provide faster access to manufacturing and sales data to reduce decision-making time.

With Dynamics 365 shared folders, Company D can view and share important data in real time, enabling them to make faster data-driven decisions. In addition, the company’s research and development processes have been standardized, which means that executives can analyze business performance based on key indicators. This ultimately resulted in lower operating costs and a 200% increase in productivity per member.

The health supplement company standardizes operations

quick changes in health industry The ups and downs in the workplace have caused the health supplement company to realize it needs a more integrated solution. The primary goal of their new solution was the ability to unify the development and research processes of internal and external teams.

With Dynamics 365, all processes such as enrichment, extraction, ordering, and quality control are standardized; Materials such as certificates, test papers, patents, documents, and trial reports are easily managed within Microsoft One Note.

“With Office 365, we were able to meet both demands, including those who wanted to write articles on computers and those who wanted to write articles online,” said one of the executives. “We’ve also used real-time document adjustments to speed up editorial checks, and it’s very easy for reporters and offices to write articles together.”

Reduce IT workload in a game development company

Company E’s IT department was overwhelmed with support tickets and IT issues. This increased workload was primarily due to rapid growth within the company. Executives now need a solution designed for mid-sized companies to reduce part of this workload.

With Active Directory for Dynamics 365, a personal database has been created where users can create, share and edit documents that solve common IT issues. Additionally, IT administrators can focus on solving more complex problems or focus on more important tasks. Due to security features such as user authentication, information and data have been kept completely secure.

Game developer increases system security

To improve security around their technology stack, Company F has created its own app that carefully scans email and file attachments before sending them. In addition, this application carefully monitors security vulnerabilities from incoming external emails to ensure that no viruses or malware enter their network.

Despite the functionality of this internal application, it cannot respond smoothly to Zero-Day Attack, a virus designed to detect and infiltrate vulnerabilities. To protect sensitive company data, executives have implemented Dynamics 365. The solution provides multi-level security, ensuring that all existing email servers are secure. With these powerful security tools, Company F has seen a significant reduction in spam, virtually eliminated the flow of malicious code, and a significant reduction in the amount of email-related IT tickets.

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