How Intelligent Document Capture Brings RPA to SMBs

What can intelligent document capture can do for you? Customary RPA (robotic process automation) can carry meaningful results in the primary phases of an automation journey by automating simple, rule-based, manual or high-volume tasks.

But automated processes haven’t always been easy. Vital processes tend to include various linked tasks, several of which are complicated and involve unstructured data. These are typically handled manually by service center agents.

This is where intelligent document processing can help. In order to assist organizations in driving their digital transformation even further, we have launched a new service called Documents as a Service (DaaS). No errors. No waiting. No learning curve.

What Is DaaS?

Documents as a Service, DaaS, at the highest level, is one of the offerings off of our hyper-automation platform or capabilities to deploy robotic process automation (RPA) for our customers.

Documents as a Service falls under a very specific area of ​​intelligent document capture. DaaS allows computers to read documents, pull the information, and make it usable in your ERP system.

What You Need to Know About AP Automation

  • The most commonly known use of intelligent document capture is AP automation. There are dozens of AP automation vendors out there. A common problem though is that the implementation of AP automation tends to be rather tedious, time-consuming, and difficult.

How DaaS Is Doing it Better

With Documents as a Service, we reduce the friction of our customers having to learn a system, do training with a system, and all of the other things required when you install something like an AP automation system.

Real-Life Results

  • Many times in phase one of a project, an AP automation will get pushed to phase two, three, or four. This is because people are trying to digest a new ERP software implementation, and they just don’t have the time, energy, or money to learn another piece of software simultaneously.
  • On the other hand, the ease of intelligent document capture with DaaS allows our customers to install software in the initial phase of a new ERP implementation.

People are used to ‘plug and play’. Documents as a Service reduces the learning curve to zero. Our customers are not expected to learn anything new. Everything is happening behind the scenes.

When our customers take advantage of this automation, they don’t have to worry about understanding and becoming experts with a new piece of software.

No Errors. No Waiting. No Learning Curve.

Intelligent document capture with Documents as a Service allows you to take advantage of all of the great benefits of intelligent document capture without any of the overhead.

Benefits of DaaS

✔ All/Any Document

✔ 100% accuracy

✔ No learning curve

✔ Increase customer satisfaction

✔ Increase employee satisfaction & employee value

✔ Increase productivity and ROI

✔ Reduce costs

✔ Improved business outcomes/growth

We are committed to helping assist organizations to drive their digital transformation even further. Enjoy all the benefits of RPA at its highest level without the mess of the setup process.

Intelligent document capture with Documents as a Service reduces the things that our customers are required to do when installing something like an AP automation system.

Would you like to know more about how we can improve AP automation or the capture of any other documents in your company? We invite you to get more information at No errors. No waiting. No learning curve. Just results.

By Peter Joeckel, Hands Free,

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