How an ERP Solution benefits Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry?

The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges compared to other industries. As this industry is expanding rapidly in every aspect. The increasing diversity of the latest products, multiplicity of brands, formulation, product range, changes in drug laws and taxes on pharmaceutical products, patient consultation, services, consumer behavior, etc. mentioned above for Pharmaceutical industry.

Meta pharma solution Offers an integrated ERP solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry to meet compliance standards. In addition, it automates all major functions such as planning, purchasing, inventory, production, and business intelligence. In this way, Meta Pharma ERP solution for pharmaceuticals It helps the pharmaceutical industry to streamline its entire operations and make a proactive informed decision to outperform the competition.

The Meta-Pharma solution complies with GMP guidelines in order to improve productivity in accordance with regulatory requirements and allows you to:

  • Get a complete view of all business processes
  • Improved batch process management
  • Quality control guarantee
  • Compliance with all regulations
  • Access to detailed information on supplies in order to manage deliveries effectively
  • Increase flexibility and productivity during operations
  • Improving the efficiency of the supply chain and distribution

Track and trace inventory using pharmaceutical ERP

It has always been important for drug manufacturers to ensure proper inventory or inventory management. The recent pandemic situation has highlighted this concern by several factors. By implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, pharmaceutical manufacturers can track and trace products in real time. They can also use sequencing to manage inventory and avoid hurdles that take time and, most importantly, can overwhelm when out of stock.

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