Fund Accounting Software for Nonprofits and Governments

Tangicloud Fundamentals is a money accounting software powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365BC (Business Central.) Fundamentals Fundamentals is designed to meet the specific needs of nonprofit, government, and accounting organizations.

Nonprofits and government organizations often need to allocate expenses via funds, grants, programs, or projects. In addition, these types of organizations must necessarily meet very high standards for reporting transparency.

Tangicloud Essentials, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, can empower your team to run your organization more effectively. The essentials add to the core Dynamics 365BC functionality with the features required by fund accounting organizations.

For example, Tangicloud’s Fundamentals recent update improves reporting features in tables of accounts, Business Central’s reporting tool. Users now have a higher level of reporting within Dynamics 365BC without having to resort to a third-party solution.

Accurate and direct reporting is essential to meeting transparency standards for nonprofits and government organizations. So, we have updated the reporting features in Essentials.

Innovative features in the chart of accounts include:
  • Pre-formatted reports for nonprofits and government organizations
  • Color-enhanced table formatting
  • Logo printing applied to the heads
  • Head alignment options
  • Options for landscape or portrait page orientation
  • Hyperlinks inside the reports.

Most improvements can be turned on or off for ease of use and improved control.

Tangicloud Fundamentals’ reporting tools will be familiar and easy to use for Microsoft users.

Tangicloud Fundamentals is available with updated Account Scheduling features on Microsoft AppSource. The product maintains a regular release rhythm in line with Microsoft updates.

Essentials provides the comprehensive functionality needed to proactively manage fund balance. Features include line allocations, electronic approvals, budget controls, industry compliance, reporting, And much more.

Tangicloud Fundamentals offers a complete money accounting program for nonprofits and governments with advanced allocations and electronic approvals. At Tangicloud, we are committed to software innovation. Tangicloud Essentials for Dynamics 365BC is scalable and will continue to grow according to your needs.

Would you like to learn more about the basics of Tangicloud and what it can do for your nonprofit or government organization? Call Our experts at Tangicloud Technologies.

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