Equalum Continuous Data Integration Platform 3.0 Support All Data Integration Use Cases

Equalum, a best-in-class provider of data integration and ingestion solutions, is releasing its Continuous Data Integration Platform (CDIP) Version 3.0, available for on-premises, hybrid, or cloud-based operations, including all required Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud Targets.

The platform supports real-time streaming use cases as well as Batch ETL, Replication, and Tier One Change Data Capture.

“Equalum’s mission is to change the way organizations collect, transform, manipulate and synchronize data so that processing is fast and seamless in support of the most demanding data integration requirements,” said Guy Eilon, CEO of Equalum. and offers exceptional performance and capabilities, making it well-suited for any size enterprise.”

Equalum CDIP provides a drag and drop interface for real-time and batch data pipeline creation. The platform delivers performance levels in multi-use case scenarios compared to single use-case tools, including CDC or Streaming ETL tools without CDC, according to the vendor.

The solution provides native support for all data integration use cases with no-code and offers Streaming ETL and ELT plus Batch ETL and modern, and multi-modal Change Data Capture all under one, unified platform with a no-code UI.

As a result, Equalum will accelerate data teams from zero knowledge of the platform to basic knowledge in only a few days of onboarding.

Version 3.0 includes a suite of new capabilities to facilitate complex transformations and data manipulations with ease in addition to other new offerings and enhancements.

This includes support for all required cloud targets as Equalum has expanded support for multiple Azure, AWS and Google Cloud targets, including Amazon RDS for Oracle, Postgres, MySQL and more.

The company has also expanded support for Google BigQuery, Google DataProc, Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and Google Cloud Database.

In addition, enhancements have been made to Oracle Binary Log Parser (OBLP) to drive performance even higher, making it an ideal alternative to Oracle’s deprecation of Logminer with 10x throughput improvements, an optimal CDC approach and modern pricing based on flows and endpoints.

Additionally, Equalum has added a SQL Replication Binary Parser (SRBP). This CDC connector is based on SQL Server’s transactional replication framework and does not require installation on the database machine or physical access to the logs.

Version 3.0 offers expanded support for Google, AWS, and Azure Cloud Targets, fully supporting and future proofing data integration if the decision to move to any of these major cloud targets is made in the future.

To facilitate large data migrations, replication group enhancements are built directly into the platform. Equalum automatically syncs Initial Capture with Change Data Capture (CDC) to ensure “exactly once” data capture.

Finally, the platform now includes automatic schema evolution (enhanced) so that when data pipelines break Equalum schema evolution simply and automatically allows all changes to be captured and appropriately propagated in real-time.

For more information about this news, visit www.equalum.io.

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