Ensono Acquires ExperSolve to Expand Mainframe Modernization Services

Ensono, an end-to-end managed services provider, has acquired ExperSolve, a mainframe modernization company. ExperSolve extends the update and optimization services for Ensono mainframes.

ExperSolve’s proprietary software toolkit converts COBOL and other mainframe programming languages ​​into languages ​​such as Java and C# so that applications can be migrated to private or public clouds.

In addition, ExperSolve can optimize and update on the main computer, for example, by updating legacy databases to DB2 to improve usage times and batch processing. By updating on the mainframe, customers can expand their investment and ensure they get the most out of their mainframe applications.

“Ensono’s main focus is the digital readiness of its customers and their long-term success, which is why ExperSolve aligns so well with Ensono,” said ExperSolve founder and president, Noah Ross, who is taking on a new role as managing director at Ensono. “Both companies are dedicated to innovation that will help our customers achieve their business results and stay relevant to today’s organizations. We look forward to supporting Ensono customers by expanding our flagship computer update services and capabilities.”

ExperSolve will become “ExperSolve, Ensono Corporation”, retaining all current staff and leadership so that they can continue to provide support and expertise to Ensono’s mainframe modernization services. ExperSolve will join Ensono’s consulting and advisory practices under Mainframe and Security Consulting.

“Ensono is committed to being a relentless ally to our customers and meeting their needs for today while helping them prepare for the future,” said Larry Goldberg, Ensono Senior Vice President of Consulting and Consulting. “Our clients’ needs are evolving at an ever-increasing pace, and so our client patrons want additional reliable options that our advisory and advisory services can provide. Whether it’s updating their applications so they can continue to be supported on existing infrastructure, or migrating them to a cloud platform, our goal is to have a robust portfolio of end-to-end or lifecycle solutions that help our customers achieve their business results.ExperSolve’s efficiency in updating legacy applications is an impressive addition as we continue to provide our customers with lifecycle managed services, grow our central hardware update services, and help customers get the right workloads on the platform the correct. “

The financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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