End-to-End Business Central Solutions for Manufacturing & Distribution

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you’ll know that the platform is an excellent ERP system for those working in manufacturing or distribution. Business Central includes tools for managing sales, inventory, warehouse, manufacturing operations, financial data, and more. While the out-of-the-box features are useful, some businesses need more, and that’s when businesses turn to third-party apps.

Business Central’s third-party apps are available through the Plugins Marketplace within Business Central or from the Microsoft AppSource website. Searching the AppSource for “Insight Works” will yield a suite of apps for those looking to fill gaps in manufacturing and distribution.

This article will look at a few of the different roles and departments in a business that would benefit from using a third-party application with Business Central.

Purchases for buyers

For those who work as a purchasing agent within the purchasing department of an organization, you will definitely want to check out DocXtender. DocXtender It is a 100% free application that enables users to attach documents to any page in Business Central with a simple drag and drop. Docxtender It makes it simple to attach emails, quotes, and invoices to purchase orders.

Receiving for receivers

Insight Works offers two great options for stock takers. Insight warehouse And WMS Express Enable receivers to use laptop computers to scan products against warehouse receipts. Using a laptop computer replaces the paper system while simplifying operations and reducing errors.

Employees are connected to Business Central in real time via a laptop, so they simply select a warehouse receipt and then scan the items. Scanned items are automatically matched to items in the warehouse receipt.

WMS Express It is a completely 100% free WMS app, while Insight warehouse It is a subscription-based app that is packed with features.

Inventory Management for Inventory Managers

Advanced Inventory Inventory Enables inventory managers to simplify counting processes and the inventory cycle with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools. Advanced Inventory Inventory Significantly speed up counting by scanning inventory for companies equipped with laptops.

with Insight warehouseInventory managers get real-time access to inventory, including item inquiries, trash inquiries, inventory movements, warehouse movements, and more. WMS Express, a free app, that offers inventory management features for those with more explicit requirements.

Warehouse management for warehouse staff

Insight Works offers two excellent options for warehouse managers. WMS Express It is a free application that runs on laptops to help facilitate many warehouse functions, including warehouse receipts, selections, shipments, and standard inventory counts.

Insight warehouse It is a subscription-based application that simplifies inventory and warehouse functionality to provide easy-to-use storage tools for inventory counting, shipping, receiving, picking, warehousing, box management, and more.

Shipping to shippers

Simplify boring and error-prone charging tasks with seamless integration dynamic ship With Business Central. dynamic ship Offers price shopping, detailed package management, shipping labels, and parcel tracking.

For those who use dynamic shipThere is a free Power BI app called Ship dynamic analysis Designed to analyze shipping data, including metrics such as total shipping spend by month, spend by location, annual comparisons, and more.

Sales to Sales Professionals

Order takers and sales will really appreciate counter sales And Product component Apps from Insight Works.

counter sales It is a point-of-sale solution for professional sales representatives in commercial offices or sales counters that enables users to quickly and easily add retail capabilities to their system. counter sales Packed with all the features you’d expect from a powerful Point of Sale system but in a simple and cost-effective package.

Say goodbye to manually managing product options and shapes and say hello to Product component Implementation. Product component is a lightweight application for Business Central that greatly simplifies the generation of production lists (BOMs) and routings, or aggregate BOMs, to make the generation of quotations and orders more efficient.

Management reports for managers

While Insight Works offers apps with features to fill in the gaps within Business Central, many apps come with reports that managers will appreciate.

for example, Store Floor Insight It is a code time capture, time & attendance, and employee management solution. The app allows managers to see employment associated with specific projects, time spent on non-productive tasks, and macro-level reports.

counter sales, an industrial point of sale solution for commercial offices, that enables employees to track lost sales and associated causes. Reporting missing sales enables managers to understand inefficiencies in the supply chain and improve sales.

the Ship dynamic analysis The app provides detailed charging metrics for those who use dynamic ship. Reports include:

  • Total shipping spend by month.
  • Total shipping spend by location.
  • Year by year comparisons.
  • Average number of shipments per week.
  • Total expenditure by the shipping company.
  • Average spend per shipment.
  • Total expenditure by level of service.

Insight warehouse Other application managers are helpful in complying with regulatory requirements.

Material management for material handlers

the Advanced inventory count The app is an excellent tool for material handlers who need to stay in sync with inventory levels. Insight warehouse It also provides real-time access to inventory and production data allowing material handlers to maintain stock requirements.

Labor tracking for production planners, lead hands, and production personnel

Production planners, leading hands and production staff will fall in love Store Floor Insight Implementation. Store Floor Insight It is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) implementation of Business Central that significantly reduces labor costs and entry errors associated with manual data entry. Store Floor Insight Allows employees to use barcode scanners or touch screens to speed up store data entry for time, materials, quality, and more.

Scheduling and Execution for Production Planners and Leading Hands

MxAPS It is an advanced limited capacity scheduling application that transforms production planning and scheduling from an imprecise and time consuming task to a responsive, repeatable and highly accurate decision support activity. Production planners and lead hands will significantly reduce headaches associated with scheduling and execution.

Another useful app for Production Planners and Lead Hands is Store Floor Insight. The included visual production schedule is more than just a show. Users can drag and drop a process in the production order to the new work center and time. As work is reordered, the associated operations will be automatically updated to reflect a new production schedule.

finally, graphical scheduling It is a free application that enables you to quickly visualize exactly what work is scheduled at each workstation, allowing production managers and employees to view and manage production scheduling more effectively.

Capacity planning for production planners

As mentioned earlier, MxAPS It is an advanced limited capacity scheduling application ideal for production planners who need to manage capacity planning. with for MxAPS Limited constraints, the application does a lot of the heavy lifting when scheduling production orders. Enhanced schedules are quickly created when needed.

There is an app for everyone

All apps from Insight Works integrate seamlessly with Business Central, so there’s no need to switch between apps. A consistent user interface helps Business Central users quickly adapt to applications and improve their operations.

Insight Works offers a range of free and subscription-based apps. Looking for more information about the apps mentioned in this article? Check out the links below.

Warehouse Insight: http://www.wmsfordynamics.com/
Improve warehouse accuracy and increase efficiency with mobile device and barcode integration

WMS Express: http://wmsexpress.com/
Free Warehouse Management System for Dynamics 365 Business Central

dynamic ship: http://shippingfordynamics.com/
Easily add carrier integration, real-time shipping rates, parcel management, and shipping tracking

Shop floor view: http://www.shopfloorfordynamics.com/
A comprehensive MES solution for code time capture and employee time management

Advanced inventory: http://inventoryfordynamics.com/
Streamline inventory counts with comprehensive data entry, reconciliation, posting, and analysis tools

Counter sales: http://posfordynamics.com/
POS solution for professional sales representatives in commercial offices or sales offices

Product component: http://www.cpqfordynamics.com/
Product Blocker makes bid creation and ordering simpler

pistons: http://schedulingfordynamics.com/
Advanced Limited Capacity Scheduling in Dynamics 365 Business Central

Graphic scheduler: http://www.schedulerfordynamics.com/
Manage production scheduling more effectively with graphic scheduling software

DocXtender: http://docxtender.com/
Easily drag and drop documents onto pages in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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