Docker’s Top 10 Most Popular Blogs in 2021

With 2021 coming to a close, it’s time to take a look at the top 10 reading blogs of the year. They cover a range of topics, from updates to our subscription prices to product announcements to security threats. Here’s a quick summary, starting with the most popular, then organized by topic.

Docker product subscription updates and extensions

It should come as no surprise that changes to our product subscriptions – our biggest news of 2021 – have been a major driver of this year’s blog readers. In fact, three of the top 10 most popular blogs centered around this topic.

In first place, Docker CEO Scott Johnston announced Aug. 31, Docker is updating and expanding our product subscriptions. Scott laid out the four subscription levels — Docker Personal, Docker Pro, Docker Team, and Docker Business — and gave a detailed breakdown of what users need to know about each of them, pricing (where applicable), and the reasoning behind the changes.

The fifth and seventh most popular blogs also deal with aspects of changes in subscription levels. Steve Al-Rifai was ranked fifth, focusing on the issue of volume management in her blog on September 30th, Docker Desktop 4.1: Volume management is now included with Docker Personal. And at number seven is a blog posted on September 29th by your blog that really tests Docker Captain Bret Fisher’s take on potential alternatives to Docker, Are you looking for a freight forwarder alternative? Keep this in mind.

Apple silicon news

Another big eyeball driver to our blog was the news about the developers’ ability to run Docker Desktop on Apple’s new M1 chip. The second most read blog of the year is Dieu Cao’s blog on April 15th, Release date: Docker Desktop for Mac [Apple Silicon], announcing general availability. In fourth place is Stephen Turner’s blog on February 17, which announces a preview titled New Docker desktop preview for Apple M1 released.

Security vulnerability in Log4j 2

The biggest security threat of the year emerged this month, causing our developer community to swoop in and work tirelessly in the past few days. #HugOps for you. That’s why the third most-read blog of the year focused on the fixes for the Log4j 2 vulnerability, CVE-2021-44228. Justin Cormack’s blog and updates on the topic, Apache Log4j 2 CVE-2021-44228.

Reply to your feedback

The voice of the Docker developer community is very important to us. When you speak, we listen. Which is why two of our most-read blogs in 2021 were about making improvements to our products in response to your feedback.

Coming in at number six is ​​Chris McClellan’s November 9 blog post about the new Pause/Resume feature in Docker Desktop and other changes that make it easier to manage updates: Docker Desktop 4.2: Save your battery with pause/resume, say no to update popup. And in ninth place is Dieu Cao’s blog on April 8 about changes to how updates work in Docker Desktop, Change the way updates work with Docker Desktop 3.3.

Preview: Docker Dev . environments

Our eighth most-read blog post of the year is a tech preview that appeared on June 23rd. Technical Preview: Docker Dev . Environments By Ben De St Paer-Gotch has moved to a powerful feature that allows developers to easily share work-in-progress code for faster, high-quality collaboration and code reviews.

Listen, hear Heridox!

The 10 most-read blog post of 2021 shows how the Docker BuildKit tool for building Dockerfiles now supports syntax, making it easier for developers to do things that were previously difficult. The piece is titled Introduction to heredocs in Dockerfiles, written by Justin Chadel, a member of the Docker community.

So there you have it – Top 10 Popular Blogs for 2021. Here’s a great year of growth and expansion for the developer community – and more blogs to read – in 2022.


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