Docker Verified Publisher: Trusted Sources, Trusted Content

Six months after its launch at DockerCon, Docker Verified Publisher is delivering on its promise to developers and partners alike.

Docker Verified Publisher means trusted content and trusted resources for the millions of Docker users. At the May 2021 DockerCon, Docker announced the Secure Software Supply Chain initiative, highlighting Docker Verified Publisher as a key component of this trusted content.

Docker Hub’s trusted images help development teams build secure software supply chains, reducing exposure to malicious content early in the process to save time and money later. Docker allows developers to quickly and reliably discover and use images in their applications from known and trusted sources.

Docker’s certified publisher partners join the trusted content that Docker provides, along with Docker Official Images and Docker Open Source software. In short, Docker Verified Publisher promises developers that the images they use are from the software’s trusted publisher. Docker Hub search shows trusted sources first.

Reliable imagery and software security are at the forefront of what the new Docker Business subscription tier also offers. These trusted images can be allowed in large organizations – while preventing unverified and untrusted community images via Docker Business Image Management features in the Docker Hub enterprise control plane. And of course, those trusted images include Docker Verified Publisher partners.

Dozens of software publishers have joined the Docker Verified Publisher program already, and more are preparing to join before the new Docker Desktop licensing policies become effective (January 31, 2022).

Docker Certified Publisher Partners have benefits such as:

  • Removing price restrictions on all repurchases in the DVP Partners namespace, providing a premium user experience: All Docker users, whether they have a Docker subscription or not, can pull partner images as often as they want
  • Placing DVP badges on partner namespace and repo repositories, indicating trusted content and verified source (part of the Docker Secure Software Supply Chain initiative)
  • Docker Hub’s priority search order
  • Co-marketing opportunities including social shares, posts on the popular Docker blog, exclusive right to sponsor DockerCon 2022, etc.
  • Inclusion as one of two trusted sources of image access controls included in the Docker Business subscription tier, providing essential security and management capabilities to larger Docker clients
  • Regular reporting to track key repo partner metrics such as pull requests, unique IP addresses, and more
  • More benefits are added regularly

To learn more and join the Docker Verified Publisher Program, simply email or visit this page to contact us.

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