DataRobot Releases Platform Expanding its AI Cloud Solution for Data Science Experts

DataRobot introduces DataRobot Core, a comprehensive offering that extends its AI cloud platform for code-first data science experts.

In addition, DataRobot also announced the latest version of its platform, extending AI Cloud capabilities to all users with broader and more complex analytics capabilities for data scientists, improved decision intelligence, and new features for managing and scaling operations in production.

The DataRobot Core brings together a full suite of purpose-built capabilities that give data scientists absolute flexibility in how AI delivers business, enabling faster experimentation and rapid time to value, while making teams more efficient and effective at making a visible business impact than AI by vendor.

Capabilities include:

  • Unified environment with first-class laptop experience, compact and multilingual; Configurable machine learning to seamlessly cycle between prototype generation and automated model generation; Central pipelines on top of the Apache Spark; Open the API to enable programmatic access to the full AI cloud platform; It was built for the modern enterprise while supporting reliability, governance, compliance and scale needs across industries.
  • A wide range of third-party accelerators, integrations, and libraries to accelerate AI delivery and increase efficiency, along with developing educational resources to develop skills and enable data scientists to stay ahead of the curve.
  • Shared knowledge and access to the unique expertise of the DataRobot team, industry experts, and thousands of community members of DataRobot customers representing some of the largest and most successful AI applications in the world.

DataRobot’s team of more than 300 data scientists is pioneering efforts in artificial intelligence, with applied expertise across more than 1 million active projects for clients across industries on a global scale.

Along with Core, the launch of DataRobot 7.3 introduces more than 80 new features and capabilities designed for all users to enable AI-driven decisions in all areas of business, under one platform. DataRobot 7.3 offers:

  • Expanded support for diverse use cases.
  • Better and faster decisions with decision intelligence.
  • Strengthen performance monitoring, compliance and regulatory capabilities

“For organizations today, translating data and AI into tangible results is critical to staying competitive and thriving,” said Neinshad Pardoliwala, Chief Product Officer, DataRobot. “DataRobot Core and 7.3 are designed to meet the growing demand and scale, enabling the largest number of AI creators, from code-focused data science teams to business analysts and decision makers, to quickly experiment and collaborate effectively on the same platform. Together, these solutions provide flexibility, speed, and control much needed solutions that bring reliable AI solutions to life for every organization.”

To support the DataRobot Core, DataRobot is also announcing an expanded partnership with AtScale to provide more comprehensive data access and feature modeling to customers.

AtScale brings its semantic layer technology to the DataRobot Core, simplifying connections from DataRobot to a wide range of data cloud platforms and providing a powerful modeling panel for feature engineering.

Together, DataRobot and AtScale provide complete services for organizations to power AI/ML workloads while supporting a wide range of data platforms, protocols, and visualization platforms.

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