Cost Comparison Considerations of Dynamics GP versus Dynamics Business Central

Let’s clarify a few things.

Lots of people make cost comparisons Microsoft Dynamics GP And Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. But this hot topic creates a lot of misunderstanding. Rumors circulate that leave users with false ideas.

We’re here to crush rumors and give you straight answers. Well, what should be considered when comparing the cost between Dynamics GP and Dynamics Business Central?

Dynamics GP license cost vs Dynamics Business Central

Comparing the cost of Dynamics GP versus Dynamics Business Central is not as easy as comparing the price of just user licenses. There are other factors to consider.

GB Dynamics

Dynamics GP is a concurrent user license setup on an account $3500 per user.

The good:

  • You can set up dozens of users, but if you pay for five licenses, you can have five people working in Dynamics GP at the same time.

not so good:

  • Dynamics GP add-ons will be at an additional cost.
  • Higher levels of jobs such as project accounting, field service, and manufacturing can cost up to $10,000 above the base price.
  • Dynamics GP is an older product. Therefore, practically any updates, upgrades, and troubleshooting should be done. This means that you will have to factor in the cost to pay your partner to maintain it. This can be a significant cost, especially for companies that manage payroll in Dynamics GP.

Dynamics Business Central

Business Central is a cost-user license $70 per user. User licenses are controlled in Active Directory, and everyone who is set up as a full user of the system must have a license.

The good:

  • Dynamics Business Central includes more functionality out of the box. The base price of $70 per month includes the base app and many other tools that Dynamics GP doesn’t include in the base price, such as project accounting. Manufacturing and Field Service are available for only an additional $30 per user, per month.
  • All updates are done in the background, so no extra money will be paid to someone to maintain Business Central.

not so good:

  • As a named user license, access cannot be shared with other individuals. However, you can have users who only enter time or run reports that don’t need a full license. Dynamics Business Central can help you get creative and learn about the right types of license for each user.

rumors cleared

Rumor: Business Central is a new product with limited application capabilities

Truth: Dynamics Business Central is not a new or untested product. It is based on a tried and true product called Microsoft Navision which has been around at least since Dynamics GP (initially called Great Plains).

Business Central is a fully functional and ready-to-use tested app. Business Central is just as capable as Dynamics GP. If you can do it with GP, you can do it with Business Central.

Rumor: Business Central is an upgrade from GP

Truth: The Business Center has new technical capabilities that make it a more modern solution. But it is not an upgrade from Dynamics GP.

The upgrade will be an improvement over an earlier product. Business Central is a completely different program with a different structure and configuration than Dynamics GP. who – which

What does this mean for you: Being a completely different program means that it is a completely new application that requires a complete discovery and installation process, just as if you had purchased any other new ERP product. Depending on the complexity of your work, you may need to dedicate at least 40-60 hours to the discovery process to make sure it is configured correctly.

Should your organization move from Dynamics GP to Dynamics Business Central?

maybe: This depends on a number of factors for your organization and should be discussed with your Dynamics partner. If you say, “Dynamics GP isn’t working well,” try to get to why Dynamics GP isn’t a good fit for your needs before you consider changing systems.

  • Are these changes that can be made in Dynamics GP?
  • Could it be that your advisor doesn’t know the program well?
  • Or do you need a more modern solution that’s already set up for today’s workspace and runs in the cloud without server costs?

Don’t follow the crowd! If someone tells you that Dynamics GP can’t do something, take it upon yourself to do the research. Dynamics GP, like Business Central, is capable of an incredible amount of things. There is almost nothing that can’t be done with a little creativity.

What you should keep in mind before upgrading: None of Microsoft’s applications are “plug and play”. Like many other ERP systems, Business Central needs to be configured for your organization to use. So if your current Dynamics GP system has setup issues and you haven’t fully explored your setups in Business Central, you’ll experience many of the same frustrations.

Don’t believe every word

People will give you advice on just about everything if you let them. But do not naively believe every word. It is up to you to do your research and find a reliable source to tell you what is true and what is not.

It’s common to hear things like, “Dynamics GP doesn’t do that” or “Dynamics Business Central doesn’t.” In my experience, this is not the case. The consultant you are working with may not know the software and will tell you either it should be customized, or it doesn’t. Make sure that when you work with someone, they are very familiar with the product you are working with and/or you are evaluating.

It is not easy to make a direct cost comparison between Dynamics Business Central and Dynamics GP. There are many things to take into consideration. To find out what works best for you, talk to an expert – an expert who is unbiased and fully familiar with both products.

Find a dynamic partner you can trust

Here at Aisling Dynamics, we are committed to both Dynamics GP and Dynamics Business Central. We can give you advice that you can really trust. We invite you to BHad a consultation with Aisling Dynamics To take the next step in finding the truth.

By Jo deRuiter, Aisling dynamics

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