Construction Management Software Now with Reduced Deployment Costs

Can anything good come out of COVID restrictions? At one point during the COVID restrictions, some have speculated that Australian companies “have advanced more than five years technologically in the span of eight weeks.”

At the start of the pandemic, companies were quick to adopt online remote trading platforms such as ZOOM. It was a way to accommodate remote workers as companies tried to prevent the spread of the virus. But with necessity being the mother of invention, interest continues in online tools to improve business processes and facilitate data access.

IPM Global is a construction management software company that develops business software for Project related industries. We offer a Construction/Project Management Tool Built on the Microsoft PowerApps framework and fully integrated with your ERP system. The solution is delivered regionally by our partners.

In recent months, increased interest in IPM Global’s construction management program has led to it being rolled out across Australia as well as in the United States. We were able to provide technology and expertise worldwide from our office in Brisbane.

How do we reduce publishing costs?

Prior to border closures and international travel bans, our policy was to conduct on-site software deployments on an advisory basis. Therefore, publication expenses included travel and accommodations for an entire advisory team. Since every business is different, every deployment was unique. Therefore, to the price was added the customized training necessitated by the highly configurable IPM. This made it difficult to cut costs.

But with travel restricted, we realized we had to change from an on-site advisory model. We now run two or three hour online publishing sessions with the companies’ internal project teams every two days. We record sessions and send them to project teams for future reference and training. This approach, combined with the intuitive nature of the Microsoft Power Apps platform, has resulted in savings of up to 50% on deployment costs.

Customize your IPM experience with additional solutions

With IPM Enhancements, you can create an IPM system that is unique to your business needs. It’s easy to integrate IPM with your existing accounting/ERP solutions via IPM Link. And because IPM has built Construction/Project Management Software Within the framework of Microsoft PowerApps, training will be easy for employees who are familiar with Microsoft tools.

The pandemic will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on companies where more employees are working from home and working remotely. In construction, companies will adopt more online tools to decentralize their activities, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

IPM Global offers a real-time, 360-degree view of projects, job assignments, and operations – along with comprehensive reporting and back-end financial information. Powered by Microsoft Power Apps® to provide comprehensive document and contract management features, project/construction management software supports IPM Native integration with Microsoft 365®, including Office 365®.

For organizations looking for a highly configurable build management solution built on the Microsoft Power Apps platform, we’ve got just what you need. And now, we’ve significantly reduced publishing costs.

If you would like to know how IPM Global’s construction management solution can benefit your business, Call Our experts at IPM Global for a free demo.

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