Coalesce Emerges from Stealth with Data Transformation Innovation

Coalesce, the data transformation company, is beginning to break out of stealth with the launch of the Coalesce Data Transformation platform, which simplifies data modeling, purification, governance, and documentation.

The Coalesce platform dramatically increases data engineer productivity and insights to tackle today’s data-driven architectures — enabling enterprise-wide data transformations, according to the vendor.

“The biggest bottleneck in the data analytics supply chain today is transformations. As more companies move to the cloud, weaknesses in their data transformation layer are becoming apparent,” said Armon Petrosyan, CEO and Co-founder of Coalesce. This problem has only continued to grow with data volumes and complexity combined with a shortage of skilled people. We are on a mission to radically improve the analytics landscape by making enterprise-wide data transformations as efficient and resilient as possible.”

Coalesce combines the speed of an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) with the flexibility of code and the efficiency of automation in data transformations. This enables data teams to quickly make changes and improve the time it takes to realize value, all with the freedom to program and customize at scale, according to the vendor.

The Coalesce platform offers advantages including:

  • Efficiency for all – Coalesce provides increased efficiency for any data-related role whether it is an engineer, engineer or data analyst.
  • Visually Customizable Platform – Coalesce provides an easy-to-use, customizable interface to help engineers perform complex data operations in seconds while still providing freedom for code and customization.
  • Built for Scale – Coalesce’s unique column-aware architecture unlocks the ability to provide interface, change management, descent, and deployment plans that weren’t previously possible.

In addition, Coalesce has raised $5.92 million in seed funding led by 11.2 Capital and GreatPoint Ventures to revolutionize data transformation. The capital will be used to enhance the Coalesce platform while increasing sales, marketing, engineering functions and the go-to-market strategy.

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