Cloudian Collaborates with WEKA to Enable Rapid Processing of Analytical Workloads

Cloudian integrates its HyperStore object storage with the WEKA AI data platform, providing high-performance, scalable private cloud storage to handle iterative analytics workloads.

The integrated solution unifies and simplifies the data path for performance-intensive workloads and accelerated DataOps, all easily managed within a single namespace. In addition, the new solution reduces the total cost of storage ownership associated with data analytics by a third, compared to traditional storage systems, according to the vendor.

Cloudian and WEKA together enable organizations to overcome the challenges of accelerating and scaling their data pipelines while lowering data analytics storage costs.

The WEKA Data Platform, built on WekaFS, addresses the storage challenges posed by today’s enterprise AI workloads and other high-performance applications running on-premises, in the cloud or on the fly between platforms.

The combined solution provides the simplicity of a NAS, SAN or DAS performance, and object storage volume, along with accelerating every stage of the data pipeline from data ingestion to purging to model results.

Integrated through the functionality of WEKA layers, enterprise-grade, software-defined Cloudian object storage offers the following main advantages:

  • High performance – Run concurrent workloads while eliminating computational block bottlenecks and reducing processing times.
  • Exabyte scalability – Scale up on-demand deployments, from terabytes to exabytes without interruption, achieving the flexibility and resilience of a public cloud within a private data center or hybrid cloud model.
  • Enterprise-grade security – protect data with on-the-fly and at rest encryption, integrated firewall, RBAC/IAM and SAML access controls, and certification with the most stringent regulatory requirements, such as Common Criteria, FIPS, and SEC Rule 17a-4 (f ) .
  • Flexibility – Achieve high data robustness with the option to protect and distribute data using replication or erase encoding, thus eliminating the need for a separate data backup process.
  • Multi-tenancy – providing multiple users on a shared infrastructure without compromising security.
  • Cost-effective – Save on storage costs, as the solution runs on standard x86 hardware with local NVMe SSDs.

“When it comes to supporting advanced analytics applications, users don’t have to make tradeoffs between storage performance and capacity,” said John Tor, Cloudian’s chief marketing officer. “By eliminating any need to compromise, our HyperStore integration with the WEKA data platform gives customers a storage foundation that enables them to take full advantage of these applications so they can gain new insights from their data and achieve greater business and operational success.”

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