Cloud-native platforms are a Gartner tech trend, at last

It’s great to see cloud-native platforms finally listed as one of Gartner’s most important strategic technology directions for the coming year. This indicates that the use of the cloud is at a stage of maturity, as organizations gain a clearer understanding of how to take advantage of its benefits.

Each year, Gartner identifies key trends that it expects to be a “force multiplier” for digital business and innovation over the next three to five years. A couple of years ago we wrote about its inclusion in hyper-automation (making the list again for 2022). In 2021, trends are heavily influenced by organizations’ responses to Covid-19.

Gartner’s technology directions are based on the priorities of business leaders, and the resulting technical requirements expected to reach CIOs and CIOs. After several years of mass reliance on the cloud, it’s no surprise that CEOs are keen to ensure that the investment pays off.

In Gartner’s words:

Cloud-native platforms are technologies that allow you to…


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