How SKU management enhance warehouse operational efficiency?

Small business warehouses are able to track products quite easily since there are only a few SKUs to manage. Manual management of records becomes difficult when you start getting thousands of different products or SKUs. Especially when you’re keeping track of sales orders and purchase orders to determine profitability. Before getting into SKU Managementfirstly it’s … Read more

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit vs. Serenic Navigator

When it comes to business technology such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, nonprofits face a unique set of challenges. Generally speaking, they are less focused on stakeholder’ revenue and more concerned with community improvement. Their resources may be limited and their budgets tight. Keeping up with the latest technology could be a struggle. Their … Read more

Dynamics 365 Business Central Licensing

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a perfect business management solution. It’s simple to use and adapt, helping you connect your business and make smarter decisions. The licensing model for Dynamics 365 Business Central is simple, straightforward, and flexible. You can scale up or down contingent on the needs of your business with no long-term commitments. … Read more

AEC Technology can help every area in the AEC firm, not just Accounting

Architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms fight battles on multiple fronts. Accounting must keep cash flowing, and seller/doers must find and win new business. Though most AEC technology solutions are more than capable of supporting those needs, there are some key areas of the organization that are typically forgotten—like project management, HR, and IT. How … Read more

8 Common PLM-ERP Integration Challenges and How to Solve Them

Implementing integration software to connect your PLM and ERP systems must be done right the first time to avoid additional costs to your manufacturing company. If the integration solution you opt for does not ensure data quality and cannot accommodate any future needs of your business, it would result in untimely higher maintenance costs. If … Read more

Does It Make Sense For Your Business?

Do you have on-premises ERP but are considering moving your ERP operations to the Cloud? You’ll want to consider the benefits and the cost-effectiveness of such a move. How much will Cloud migration cost? Let’s focus on costs related to a complete migration to a Cloud ERP environment. The cost of migrating will depend on … Read more

Get to Know Digital Transformation

Get to Know Digital Transformation In today’s world, nearly everything is moving digital. Technology changes by the second and there are always new updates and solutions being created to solve problems. The business world is not exempt from these innovations. At this point, it is almost essential to incorporate digital technology into business plans to … Read more

How Does To-Increase Support Manufacturers Shifting to Product-as-a-Service?

Are you an industrial manufacturing company looking to expand your product portfolio and revenue channels? Do you deal with transactions that include selling but also charge customers for product usage over a defined period, with fixed payments? If this sounds like your business’s growth strategy, you probably are a manufacturing or rental company with multiple … Read more

Supply Chain Showcase for Dynamics 365 BC (NAV)

At the forefront of Microsoft’s small- to medium-sized business offerings, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly Dynamics NAV) provides powerful tools to manage inventory and supply chain issues, especially for distributors and manufacturers. However, each organization has unique needs, and some have seen the need for more in-depth analysis and real-time supply chain monitoring. Instead … Read more

How Business Central helps to overcome Supply Chain Disruptions?

The pandemic has caused serious worldwide store network interruption at a huge scope because of concurrent limitations and lockdowns in numerous nations. It has placed tension on organizations and will do as such. It has constrained them to totally reconsider their inventory anchors and rehash them to satisfy the fluctuating buyer needs. Organizations need to … Read more