Attackers Target Log4J to Drop Ransomware, Web Shells, Backdoors

Threat actors, including at least one nation-state actor, are attempting to exploit the recently exposed Log4j vulnerability to spread ransomware, remote access trojans, and web shells on vulnerable systems. All the while, organizations keep downloading versions of the registry tool that contains the vulnerability. This new attack activity represents a kind of escalation from the … Read more

The Importance of Digital Transformation in Predictive Analytics

Using data to gain actionable insights into what customers want is fast becoming less of a competitive advantage and more of a standard business optimization strategy. The digitization of business and the nature of a 24/7 connected society means that there is more data available today to predict the future than ever before. So how … Read more

The Dark Web Has Its Own People’s Court

There may be no honor among cyber thieves. But at least a few of them seem to stick to a set of secret rules to sort out their differences over broken promises, unpaid dues, and ineffective malware. Researchers from threat intelligence firm Analyst1 recently analyzed the work of several major cybercrime forums and discovered that … Read more

‘We Need A Lot More Machines’

In November, IBM introduced its 127-qubit quantum processor Eagle, which showed that the dream of achieving true quantum computing power appears to be on the right track — although work must continue before real applications of the technology can be realized. The demand for the development of quantum computers, which apply quantum physics to computations … Read more

Why We Need Infrastructure-led Innovation to Transform Network Security

From the increasing reliance on the distributed cloud to the demonstrated benefits of a remote mobile workforce, the attack surface for bad actors is constantly expanding. This means that network security requirements have also evolved with the growing threats to increasingly distributed systems. Security shouldn’t take a back seat to digital business innovation. Of course, … Read more

Explaining Data Fabrics to the CEOs: How and Why

A “fabric” is defined as “a fabric made from weaving, knitting, or felting of fibres,” according to Alternative definitions include: structure; The fabric of society. Building; stated.” “Fabric” is an amorphous term—to the extent that IT leaders can struggle to explain its importance to management as it did when another amorphous term—the cloud—emerged on … Read more

The 2021 IT Job Market: What a Year

Some of the most visible shifts accelerated by the pandemic have occurred in the workforce. The fear of job losses was a big topic in 2020. But in 2021, the switch flipped. More workers are now looking to replace their jobs, and find new opportunities in the labor market that is characterized by the expanded … Read more