Beware of False Networking and Security Convergence Claims

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) Security developers have been combining solutions into a single device for some time. The claim is that bundling solutions makes security easier to deploy and manage. Today, the latest trend is a “converged platform,” a new technology buzzword being adopted by vendors that claims to be combining networking with security. Such claims can … Read more

Getting Up to Speed on Software Licensing at Data Summit 2022

Software licensing has always been tricky but today there are many new risks to guard against. At Data Summit 2022, Dr. Michael Corey, chief operating officer, LicenseFortressand Don Sullivan, senior product line marketing manager & chief of staff for Business Critical Applications, Cloud Infrastructure Business Group (CIBG), VMware, presented a session on the rise … Read more

Best Practices for Measuring Digital Investment Success

Digital transformation has many components, from process transformation and business model transformation to cultural and developmental transformation. The analytics to gauge the level of success of digital investments are based on the key performance indicators, which measure profitability of the digital transformation investment. These analytics ensure the investment meets or exceeds the hurdle rates originally … Read more

Who Is Responsible for a Secure, Mission-Oriented Network?

In this day and age of daily cyber-attacks from nation-states and other hacker groups against the Department of Defense, it begs the question, “Who is responsible for building and maintaining a secure, mission-oriented network that allows our Airmen to do their jobs?” The ambiguity of cyber responsibilities among DoD and/or Service acquisition authorities, network architects … Read more

Improving Data Quality in Data Lakes at Data Summit 2022

A common pattern in data lake and lakehouse design is structuring data into zones, with bronze, silver, and gold being typical labels. Each zone is suitable for different workloads and different consumers. For instance, machine learning algorithms typically process against bronze or silver, while analytic dashboards often query gold. This prompts the question: Which … Read more

Building a Data Lakehouse at Data Summit 2022

Bs data storage and analytics in the cloud continue to grow, organizations are evaluating the essentials for success, such as scalability, efficiency, affordability, and security. Data consumers need data for BI and analytics to make business decisions. But for most organizations, their current data infrastructure isn’t keeping up with demand. In a presentation at … Read more

Infobip Enables Oracle Customers to Deliver Personalized Messages to Consumers

Infobip, a global cloud communications company and current member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), announced that it will enable Oracle Advertising and Customer Experience (CX) customers to orchestrate powerful consumer interactions using Oracle Digital Assistant. The Oracle Digital Assistant has integrated Infobip’s WhatsApp solution, so businesses can manage incoming and outgoing messages, send rich media, … Read more