Carly’s App of the Week: Buffer

Written by Carly Bauer, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

For this week’s application, I chose neutral. This is a great tool for any individual, small business, or large business that needs a way to schedule, organize, and analyze social media content. We use this tool personally here at Heinz to help organize, schedule and evaluate our social and branding content. Here are some areas where Buffer can be very useful.


From a single dashboard, you are able to plan and publish content to various social platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. With your team, you can plan and collaborate on content by creating drafts, getting feedback, and revising posts as a QA team before you click to publish. Once the posts are approved by the team, schedule them on specific dates and times that fit your campaign strategy or put them in a predetermined time slot.


Buffer’s analytics features allow you to gain in-depth insights to grow your brand through your social media channels by measuring performance, generating reports, and making recommendations to help reach your engagement and sales goals. Through a single control panel you are able to track performance and generate reports for all channels. Some ideas include,

  • Compare paid results against organic results for boosted posts
  • Track key engagement metrics for each social account
  • Measure stories, individual posts, and hashtags
  • Analyze audience demographics to make sure you’re reaching the right audience


With Buffer, you can view all your comments and stay up to date on important interactions in order to build a loyal and engaged audience on your social channels. Be able to view and reply to unanswered comments with one simple dashboard from the desktop. To keep important conversations going and address potential issues in a timely manner, you can create smart alerts to let you know if a post contains questions, negative feelings, or comments about a purchase.

If you are currentlyDo you know how Buffer can work for you and would like to know more, check it out here.

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