Bringing Security up to the Speed of the Cloud

Today’s business decision makers are constantly looking for the most efficient way to take advantage of new applications to increase revenue. Sounds like business basics, right? The applicable version of this is that most companies today are looking for this feature without having to deal with the cost of building an infrastructure to support those applications. However, finally, a solution was introduced, and now with the public cloud, businesses can do just that – deploy applications instantly without building data centers, resiliency planning, racking hardware, and more. Basically, these companies get the benefits, with a much lower cost attached. This mindset and structure is quickly becoming the natural expectation regarding how companies will adopt new technology.

One might assume that this means that security will also be in line with the rest of the business adoption strategies. However, for one reason or another, many organizations are clinging to an outdated model where they are still using a box-based model – even in the cloud. There are many steps an organization faces before developing the framework for its security strategy, such as the massive amount of work to deploy, maintain, and use. However, once installed and connected, the hardware is not really different from software hardware.

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