Benefits of implementing Mobile WMS- Warehouse Management Solution

MetaWMS, the advanced repository system is an extension of Dynamics 365 Business Central It provides unprecedented visibility and control over your warehouse operations such as inventory counting, shipping, receiving, picking, warehousing, box management, and more. Set your warehouse to quickly locate and choose items Mobile WMS – Warehouse Management Solution.

The most important benefits of the Mobile WMS application

Updated inventory information

If you get a surprise visit by an accountant who wants to reconcile your inventory, using Mobile WMS, you can easily keep track of the inventory he wants to account, and then this can be done easily via the handheld scanner. In addition, you will get the option to customize this solution, so that only employees have the right to perform counting or adjust the quantity using Mobile WMS.

Accuracy counts and saves time

Another benefit of Mobile WMS is that your counting becomes more accurate which reduces time consumption. With this WMS barcode scanner solution, it is possible to work on both planned counts as well as unplanned counts. WMS Mobile allows you to count when you have time systematically throughout the year and always make sure your inventory status is valid and up to date.

Get ROI with Mobile WMS

The error rate is much higher in manual counting when compared to counting using the hand scanner solution. With a mobile warehouse management solution, warehouse staff can do all the counting operations with ease. So that the list of charges is recorded in your ERP system as a draft. After that it can be used by the manager or whoever deals with it. This will help them focus on the products where there is a difference.

The need for a mobile warehouse management (WMS) solution

I hope you now know why you need this mobile warehouse management solution for your warehouse. Also, he wants to include that with MetaWMS It is an extension of Dynamics 365 Business Cental that helps you get a complete view of your warehouse inventory. Simple picking and stocking makes it easy to organize your warehouse and quickly find items when you need them. In addition, it allows organizations to provide warehouse personnel with mobile devices fully integrated with Business Central and expect them to perform daily activities such as 1D/2D barcode scanning, receiving, picking, warehousing, boxes, license plates, freight forwarding, transfers and more in a faster and more efficient manner. .

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