B2B Reads: Past Year Reflection, Culture of Innovation, & Emerging Trends

In addition to our Sunday App of the Week feature, we also summarize some of our favorite B2B sales and marketing posts from around the web each week. We’ll be missing out on a lot of great stuff, so if you find something that you think is worth sharing, please add it to the comments below.

Thinking ahead – 11 ways to make your reflection session pay off
As the new year begins, drawing lessons from the past year can be a great path to continued growth. Here are some ideas on how we can move forward thinking about the past year so that the next year will be as good as we can be. thank you, Ken DownerA wonderful read.

Effective leaders go beyond empathy to empathy
Over the past two years, leaders have been carrying a huge emotional burden. The empathy this takes is important for good leadership, but too much empathy can weigh you down and lead to burnout and poor decisions. This can be avoided by transcending empathy to the sublime experience of empathy. Thank you for the wonderful reading, Rasmus HoggardAnd Jacqueline Carter, And Marisa Afton.

How to build an effective working group
If reorganizing isn’t an option and you’ve decided that a workgroup is the right tool for the job, here are a few things about getting ready and running. Thank you for the wonderful reading, Jason Wong.

Three essential components of B2B marketing in 2022
Digital technology means many things to many buyers, from online commerce to mobile apps to virtual meetings. B2B marketers need to know more about buyers to create a digital marketing force that meets specific needs. thank you, Rob SanchezA wonderful read.

Experiential Marketing: 5 of the Best Trends as of 2021
Let’s take a look at some of the biggest stories over the past year and some of the hottest trends. Thank you for the wonderful reading, drum team.

Building a culture of innovation
Successful leaders understand that a culture of innovation is built on strong teams. Here are some ideas on what it takes to build those teams and inspire real change. Thank you for the wonderful reading, Skylar Mattson.

Best productivity tools and tips for mixed teams in 2022
Instead of trying to improve your virtual office with dozens of overused software tools, focus instead on knowing the basics like the back of your hand. Thank you for the wonderful reading, Free Nick.

8 emerging visual trends for 2022
It’s a new year, and internet culture has changed significantly in the past 24 months. Updating the presentation style of your posts, or rearranging photographs and product presentations to match consumer interests, can produce powerful results. thank you, Andrew HutchinsonA wonderful read.

What high performers do differently
There is a misconception that high performers are, of course, better. We think they have more talent and better skills. But all these qualities are not a reason for high performance, but a product of it. Thank you for the wonderful reading, David Burkus.

Use language to open up your audience
The language has incredible potential. If you get the things right and in the right order, you can push the world a bit. Thank you, Amy Boone, for a wonderful read.

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