Optimize Warehouse Management with Dynamics 365

More and more businesses now distribute goods and services worldwide. So modern manufacturers must have an effective system for inventory management, shipping, and tracking. Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management (365SCM) and cloud and edge scale units help global businesses achieve supply chain accuracy and efficiency. High-quality scanners connected to the inventory management system allow organizations … Read more

Beware of False Networking and Security Convergence Claims

(SPONSORED ARTICLE) Security developers have been combining solutions into a single device for some time. The claim is that bundling solutions makes security easier to deploy and manage. Today, the latest trend is a “converged platform,” a new technology buzzword being adopted by vendors that claims to be combining networking with security. Such claims can … Read more

Getting Up to Speed on Software Licensing at Data Summit 2022

Software licensing has always been tricky but today there are many new risks to guard against. At Data Summit 2022, Dr. Michael Corey, chief operating officer, LicenseFortressand Don Sullivan, senior product line marketing manager & chief of staff for Business Critical Applications, Cloud Infrastructure Business Group (CIBG), VMware, presented a session on the rise … Read more

Tableau Conference: From Dashboards to a Platform

Tableau’s yearly conference is back after a two-year shift to a virtual-only format. The in-person audience was significantly smaller than in previous years; However, enthusiasm amongst attendees – mostly hands-on users including “Tableau Visionaries” and “Tableau Ambassadors,”—that together made up the “Tableau DataFam” was high. I’m not going to run through every announcement at the … Read more

What SREs Can Learn From the Atlassian Outage of 2022

What happens when the tools and services you depend on To drive site reliability engineering turns out to be susceptible to reliability failures of their own? That’s the question teams at about 400 businesses presumably asked themselves in the wake of a major outage in Atlassian Cloud. The incident offers a number of insights for … Read more

How SKU management enhance warehouse operational efficiency?

Small business warehouses are able to track products quite easily since there are only a few SKUs to manage. Manual management of records becomes difficult when you start getting thousands of different products or SKUs. Especially when you’re keeping track of sales orders and purchase orders to determine profitability. Before getting into SKU Managementfirstly it’s … Read more

Best Practices for Measuring Digital Investment Success

Digital transformation has many components, from process transformation and business model transformation to cultural and developmental transformation. The analytics to gauge the level of success of digital investments are based on the key performance indicators, which measure profitability of the digital transformation investment. These analytics ensure the investment meets or exceeds the hurdle rates originally … Read more

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit vs. Serenic Navigator

When it comes to business technology such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions, nonprofits face a unique set of challenges. Generally speaking, they are less focused on stakeholder’ revenue and more concerned with community improvement. Their resources may be limited and their budgets tight. Keeping up with the latest technology could be a struggle. Their … Read more